SchwartzReport: John Alexander on Bean-Counting ISIS — Another Folly

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

ISIS: The Latest Bean Counter's Folly

That problem is establishing self-reporting systems that only encourage and reward reports that indicate progress is being made and fit the established politically correct scenario. . . .   The analytic problem is the models used for predicting outcomes of conflicts are woefully inadequate at best.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is an utterly brilliant indictment of the so-called analytic models created by pedestrian mentalities lacking in integrity. What it fails to do is point out that absent integrity to begin with — as in don't do virtual colonialism, elective wars, and predatory capitalism — we are our own worst enemies. WE have subsidized 40+ dictators against their own publics; WE haved legalized high crimes by Goldman Sachs and Monsanto and Coca Cola and others; WE have proliferated vaccines that sterilize Third World women; the list is long. I have created four strategic analytic models in my lifetime, one of them, in 1976, identifying the preconditions of revolution, most of which exist in the USA and UK today. INTEGRITY MATTERS. If you have a dishonest government to begin with, no amount of intelligence down in the ranks is going to save you. It was last year, hearing Tom Steyer speak to his wasting tens of millions on climate change, that I realize that my 25 years of effort on intelligence reform were wasted. Electoral Reform is the center of gravity. Until the 99% demand and get an honest government representing the public interest instead of special interests, we will continue to get it wrong.

There is another major flaw in the above article. It completely discounts political treason. At CIA we knew without question that Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist and Viet-Nam hated China. This was not what the White House wanted to hear. Similarly we knew that Iraq had destroyed all the weapons of mass destruction, but George Tenet prostituted his office to go along with Dick Cheney's demands for a cause of war, in addition to George Tenet's shutting down ABLE DANGER and helping Cheney cover up the fact that 13 countries warned us in advance so Cheney could organize a day to allow and make happen his “Pearl Harbor.” We do not lack for intelligence and integrity in the ranks — we lack for intelligence and integrity within the two-party tyranny that has sold us all out — treason incarnate — to 40 odd billionaires. This is why I know focus on the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 — 2016 is ours to lose, and lose it we shall. Eight more years of Griftopia loom.

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