How Does Trump End? 16 Experts Opine

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Average Joe Super Hero
Average Joe Super Hero

How Does Trump End?

16 experts from across the political spectrum share their predictions.

‘There is nobody strong enough to stop him.’

By Van Jones, former Obama administration special advisor for green jobs.

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Every one of the commentators has something to offer for reflection, but the ones that captured my attention are Van Jones and Joe Trippi. Trump is not just a Republican phenomenon, he is potentially a Democratic phenomenon, carrying a weak democratic candidate to the vice presidency (think Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders) when he inevitably goes independent. And speaking of independent: STOP TALKING ABOUT THIRD PARTY CANDIDACIES. Parties are now toxic in the USA. Not just the two-party tyranny, but the isolationalism and refusal to play well with others of the Greens and the Libertarians. Parties impose on their candidate platforms, donor pet rocks, and Vice Presidents from the same party.

It would be interesting if Politico convened a group that included Joan Blades, Cornell West, Richard Wolff, Eric Lui, David Korton, Chris Hedges, dare I suggest myself, to ask what strategies Trump might adopt enroute to the presidency. The obvious big one is to plan now for an Independent ticket with a coalition cabinet that wins over the 100 million voters that did not vote in 2012 while extracting $1 billion from them ($10 each) for delivering a balanced budget, the nationalization of the Federal Reserve, the eradication of the IRS (substituted by the APT Tax), and a national policy of full employment/basic income. The less obvious one is an electoral reform summit followed by a demand for the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 that would give Trump, once elected, an honest Congress to work with, comprised of at least 20-30% small party and unaffiliated Members (who would NOT caucus with either of the two-party tyranny blocs), thus ending gridlock and restoring Article 1 of the Constitutioin.

Immigration is NOT the issue. I am on record as saying “we are all black now.” What the white base is realizing is that the jobs are gone forever. This is about persistent pervasive poverty, persistent pervasive unemployment (the real number is 23%). Trump needs to radically augment his team with some thinkers — he’s peaked in terms of what he can do with bombast, now he needs to be morally and thoughtfully presidential while beginning a non-partisan outreach program to Stiglitz, Nader, and others, such that neither of the two parties can stop him.

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