Spanda Journal: Systemic Change

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

spanda logoThe Spanda Journal special issue on “Systemic Change”,  VI, 1, June 2015, is now available at Spanda website.

The issue contains the following articles:

::  Guest Editorial  |  Helene FinidoriSystemic Change  |  Pages V-XI.

::  Rasigan Mahrajh, The Metabolic Rift. Anachronistic Institutions and the Anthropocene   Pages 1-10.

::  Christiaan Weiler, The Return of the Real Space. Co-Authoring Space Planning for Community Resilience   Pages 11-20

::  Michel Bauwens, P2P Prevolution and Commons Phase Transitions, Notes on the Nature of the Revolution in the P2P/Commons Epoch   Pages 21-24

::  Robert C. SmithCrisis, Social Transformation and the Frankfurt School. Toward a Critical Social System   Pages 25-33

::  Antony Judge, Requisite Meta-Reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change? Fiat, Fatwa and the World-Making in a Period of Existential Radicalisation   Pages 35-42

::  Douglas Schuler, How we May Think – The Next Chapter. Civic Intelligence and Collective Metacognition   Pages 43-52

::  Jack Harich, Solving Difficult Large-Scale Social System Problems with Root Cause Analysis   Pages 53-66

::  Joe Brewer, Tools for Culture Design: Toward a Science of Social Change?   Pages 67-73

::  Bernard Stiegler, System and Technics   Pages 75-82

::  Simone Cicero, On the Role of Platform Based Peer Production and the Commons in the Dynamics of Innovation   Pages 83-90

::  Brett Scott, Open Source Finance Hacking: The Potentials and Problems   Pages 91-100

::  Jenny Quillien, Parsing Systemic Change: and Three Begot the Ten Thousand Things   Pages 101-109

::  Ashwani Vasishth, Recenceptualizing Systemic Change Using an Ecosystem Approach from Process-Function Ecology   Pages 111-118

::  William E. Smith, Making the Invisible Visible. The Dynamic Interplay between Purpose, Power and Leadership Organizing Complexity   Pages 119-128

::  Carol Sanford, Language as Clue: The Effect of Paradigms on Creating Systemic Change in Business   Pages 129-135

::  Denis Postle, Systemic Change: The Role of ‘Creative Style’   Pages 137-145

::  Mimi Stokes-Katzenbach, Ensembles of Dramatic Systemic Change from Planetary Tragedy to Global Thriving in Three Stages   Pages 147-154

::  Michelle Holliday ~ Michael Jones, Living System Theory and the Practice of Stewardship Change   Pages 155-162

:: Alexander LaszloLiving Systems, Seeing Systems, Being Systems: Learning to be the System that we Wish to See in the World   Pages 163-173

::  Laurence J. VictorThe Story: Uplifting Humankind to Create Humanity via Societal Metamorphosis   Pages 175-183

::  Tom AtleeConversation in the Conscious Evolution of Social Systems   Pages 185-193

::  Lilian RicaudPermaculture Patterning   Pages 195-203

::  The PLAST CollectiveThe PLAST Project: Pattern Language for Systemic Transformation  Pages 205-218

Abstracts :: Summaries   Pages 219-227.
ISBN 978-88-7778-145-1   |   ISSN 2210-2175   |  240 (XII + 228) p.