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2009 Intelligence for the President--AND Everybody ElseTrump’s Triumph: Billionaire Blowhard Exposes Fake Political System


Moneybags capitalist loudmouth explains to 80 million dumbfounded Americans watching prime time TV, that the system is a total fraud, that the big money runs everything, and that even he thinks the system is broken.

How do you beat that? Seriously, my wife and I were laughing and high-fiving and like we just won the lottery.

Thanks for that, Don. We owe you one.

Phi Beta Iota: Trump’s warts are down in the weeds — his gift is to bring harsh truths into the open so as to expose the raw reality that the two-party tyranny is for shit — a betrayal of the public trust so grand that the abolishment of the government as now constituted seems called for.  Our legal, ethical non-violent solution — executable now, in time to elect an Independent bi-partisan ticket with a transpartisan cabinet, in time to elect small party and No Party Preference (NPP) Members to the 30+ vacated seats in 2016 (hint to incumbents: pass the Act, get a bye this one time), is an Electoral Reform Summit funded by Trump and an Electoral Reform Act of 2015 introduced by Senator Angus King, himself a potential Independent candidate for the presidency.

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