Mike Flynn: US Helped Create ISIS

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Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn

‘US meddling in Mid-East led to rise of radical extremism’

The US in concert with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey supported the Arab Spring and Sunni extremists in a bid to bring ‘democracy’ to the region, Larry Johnson, a former CIA and State Department Official, told RT.

The US State Department continues to blame President Bashar Assad's government for the advance of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL). Meanwhile, former US intelligence Chief Michael T. Flynn admitted that American government knew its policies would lead to the rise of IS.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I like Mike Flynn. In his own way he reminds me of Bill Colby — a truth-teller with the best of intentions. The above story is actually an interview with Larry Johnson and others, but it is Flynn's truth-telling that sets the stage. The US Department of State is deceptive — ISIS was created by Saudi Arabia and has received training from CIA and the US Special Forces. The US Government, in our name and at our expense, is a willful collaborator in creating and maintaining this false flag terrorism group.

The fact is that the US has been turning a blind eye to both Saudi Arabian state-sponsored Sunni radical Islamic terrorism world-wide and also Israeli apartheid and persistent atrocities against the Palestinians for decades, at the same time that it has allowed itself to be completely hypocritical with respect to Iran. It was the US, under President Eisenhower, that gave Israel the nuclear bomb; then later under President Carter, it gave the Pakistanis and the Saudis the nuclear bomb, meaning that the Sunnis and the Israelis were nuclearized by the USA, leaving the Shi'ites, the absolute minority in the Muslim world, to fear a nuclear attack eventually. Iran is threatened by the out of control Sunnis and the out of control Israelis, not by the USA, and Iran's military is focused not on attacking the USA but on defending itself against the clear and present danger of a Sunni-Zionist campaign to eradicate the Shi'ite minorities in the region. In passing, it was also the US that overturned Iran's democratic election in the 1950's and supported the Shah, secret police, and US-subsidized atrocities against and represssion of the Iranian people for decades.

It was the US, under Bush and Cheney, that allowed 9/11 to happen, made 9/11 happen, and murdered 3,000 people, mostly US citizens, in order to set the stage for 935 now-documented lies leading to a swath of destruction from Central Asia through the Middle East and North Africa to West Africa. It was the US destruction of Iraq that liberated the Shi'ites in Iraq, energized the Kurds, and destabilized the entire region. All of this under a Republican regime that General Wesley Clark has stated publicly was the victim of an internal foreign policy coup led by (my words) an out-of-control treasonous Vice President: Dick Cheney. Today three Arab countries — Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Republic — are pouring tens of millions into ISIS, and they are receiving support from both the US Government and the Israeli Government.

ISIS is a false flag threat, not a real threat. Radical Islam at the strategic level is a threat with three names: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Republic — but especially Saudi Arabia. The real threat is the undue influence that both Saudi Arabia and Israel have within US policy and political circles.  The real threat is a US Government that is incapable of doing evidence-based strategy, policy, acquisition, or operations in the public interest.

A Presidential appraisal of this situation would require a holistic evaluation of all ten high-level threats to the USA, a true cost economics consideration of all policy options from Agriculture through Energy to Water simultaneously, and a ten-year plan for achieving complete energy independence in the USA while also radically reducing the federal budget and redirectly our global engagement policies as Ron Paul has always recommended, toward commerce and peace.

A Presidential transformation of US intelligence and counterintelligence would have two opening moves: first, a re-invigorated FBI able to identify and neutralize all agents of any foreign power with particular emphasis on agents of Israel and Saudi Arabia; and all domestic traitors in betrayal of the US Constitution for religious, ideological, or financial interests; and second, an Open Source Agency  able to produce ethical evidence-based decision-support not only for the President, but for all Cabinet officials and lesser officials, with the added benefit that this decision-support would be a public good easily shared with Congress, the media, and the business world.

Our leaders are not stupid — they lack decision-support and they lack ethics. Electoral Reform is the first step toward recovery.

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