Ralph Nader: Trump the Nightmare for Both Wings of the Two-Party Tyranny

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Ralph Nader
Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader: Trump Is a Nightmare for the Republican Party


Nader believes Trump’s boldness is a “nightmare” for the Republican Party. “By being brazen, Trump is punctuating the progressive agenda — the progressive critique of big business, Wall Street over Main Street… I’ve always said the only people who can break up a two party tyranny that stifles the voices of small parties and independent candidates are billionaires, and we’ve got one called Trump,” he said.

“A breath of fresh air … and gaff-proof.”  But “he could still self-destruct.”

Watch video (4:13) and read summary.

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: My focus is on electoral reform, not on a particular candidate — Trump just happens to be the only candidate I know of with the power to change everything starting now.  I have an article coming out soon that lists seven things Trump could do to upend both parties and seal the deal. I will just list them them.

01 Fund a virtual Article V Constitutional Convention led by Mark Levine.

02 Host a workshop on unemployment (it is no less than 23%)

03 Fund an Electoral Reform Summit that demands the Electoral Reform Act of 2015

04 Sponsor a Name Your Cabinet web site (inviting ALL voters to participate)

05 Sponsor a Balanced Budget web site (inviting ALL voters to participate)

06 Take over BigBatUSA.org and raise a billion dollars in next 90 days

07 Hire a Latino Deputy Campaign Manager and make nice with Senator Marco Rubio

Trump is a change agent, Bernie Sander is a sheepdog. Keeping the option open for an independent bi-partisan ticket with a transpartisan cabinet named in advance is a demonstration of Trumps authenticity at the same time that Sanders has committed to NOT running outside the DNC choice, the inevitable coronation of Hillary Clinton.

What no one in the GOP gets is that the days of 26% electing the winner in a two-party tyranny face off are over. The 100 million eligible voters that did not vote are coming back — Jesse Ventura and Angus King and Jon Huntsman are all out there cutting deals. The 60M No Party Preference voters reject any winner take all one party solution.  And finally, we have 60 million eligible but unregistered voters that the GOP will do everything in its power to frustrate.

Trump does not have a good process on the substance of policy — no one reporting to him does holistic analytics, true cost economics, or comparative open source everything engineering — but he has the power to force electoral reform now, in 2015, in time to elect not just an honest executive, but Independent and small party members to the 30 seats being vacated in Congress — “make the deal” with the incumbents: pass the Act, keep your seat but with a difference, we break the back of the two-party tyranny and force Members to represent their constituents again, while restoring Article 1 of the Constitution.

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