USS Liberty Update: Israel Jammed Distress Frequencies, 4 out of 5 Torpedoes Missed, Ran Out of Ammunition — Intent Was to Sink Ship, Kill All

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As the Zionist government of Israel continues to meddle in US internal matters, massing its legions of unregistered agents against the Iran treaty — most of these domestic agents bribed by payments (at a time when the US taxpayer funds 20% of the Israeli government budget) and all taking direction from this foreign power, it is helpful to remember the USS Liberty.

In a commemorative article marking the 48th anniversary of this most deliberate war crime, we learn that the Zionists intended to sink the ship and leave no witnesses but ran out of ammunition and were poor shots — only 1 of 5 torpedoes hit the ship.

We also learn that they jammed the distress frequencies as well as the tactical frequencies. Jamming distress frequencies is a violation of international law.

For those who seek to understand how this government has been so disrespectful of our own government and our own interests, it is helpful to note the phrase used by Jewish men cheating on their wives and generally playing the libertine: “shiksas don’t count.” The Zionist government of Israel and the many unregistered agents of this foreign power — including neo-conservatives who will pay any price in other people’s blood, sweat, tears, and  treasure — have zero respect for the USA — we are a tool, a dupe, we “don’t count.”

America is waking up to the persistent perfidy of the Zionist government of Israel (not be confused with the 6.7 million loyal American Jews or the 5.4 million Jewish Israeli citizens themselves aghast at what their government does in their name and at our expense). Iran is not a threat to the USA. It was the US who undermined democracy in Iran, restored the Shah, created the secret police, and condoned widespread torture and repression. It is the US that gave the nuclear bomb to Israel in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and then gave the nuclear bomb to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in the 1980’s. It is the Sunni nuclear bomb that Iran fears and seeks to defend itself from, as the Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia wage state-sponsored terrorism world-wide, to include the 9/11 attack funded by the Saudis but then taken over by Dick Cheney and the neo-cons as a pretext for war. Israel has chosen to align itself with the Sunnis, not only against the Shi’ite miniority in Iran and Iraq, but also against the Christian government of Syria.

As the US evolves away from a two-party tyranny too easily bought by 40-odd billionaires and a few foreign powers, it seems a good time to carefully evaluate what we can know about all enemies, domestic as well as foreign.

Republican candidates for the Presidency would do well to calculate the changing nature of the vote and the money going into 2016. Jewish votes — and Zionist money — are fractional now. It is time to place America first, ending the unseemly and arrogant influence of Israel and Saudi Arabia over US foreign policy.

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