Berto Jongman: A Positive Future If We Spent on Peace Instead of War

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berto small9 Things We Can Accomplish If We Re-Directed our Resources from War

Here are 9 Things That Could Positively Affect the World if we Re-Directed our Resources from the War Machine:

List and links below the fold — an eye-opener.

1.  Evacuated Tube Transportation Technology – aka ET3 or ETT
2. High-tech and high performance electric cars – e.g. Tesla Motors
3. Vertical farming – the solution for tomorrow
4.Replacing the GMO and chemical-sprayed food with organic
5. The Farmery
6. Free and Unlimited Clean Energy
7. Reintegrating the Homeless People
8. Eradicating World Hunger
9. Replacing the hazardous nuclear power plants, with the “green” solar panels

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Phi Beta Iota: While provocative, the article also fails to understand that education, intelligence, and research are root, enabling holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.  The above list is nothing more than a few pet rocks, most of which are obvious. Medard Gabel’s graphic from 2007, shown here to the side, remains the most compelling and comprehensive depiction of what we could do if we stopped allowing corrupt banks and governments to fund war that profits the few instead of peace that profits all.

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