Michael Kearns: Absent US Change, Nuclear War Likely

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Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

‘Nuclear war our likely future’: Russia & China won’t accept US hegemony, Reagan official warns

Key quote:

… the “price of world peace is the world’s acceptance of Washington’s hegemony.”

Sad story. Hegemony NOT Leadership. American “leadership” is invested in — synonymous with being #1 or uchallenged. Period. It will be that hubris which defines the failure of US leadership in our modern era. American “exceptionalism” shouldn’t distort or retard our future. Burns was right in 1977 when he said our political system must change from a transactional system, to a citizen – based transforming system in which everyone is a leader together.  Our superior / elite attitude over other nation-states is what demands fundamental change! Peace should be collaborative in nature. Not dictatorial.

Phi Beta Iota: US “leadership” lacks intelligence — it is not evidence-based — and it lacks integrity — it has sold out to 40+ billionaires and special interests. The policies and practices being pursued in our name and at our expense are toxic for our own public as well as foreign public, and hence unaffordable and unsustainable.

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