Robert Parry: US Intel Vets Slam CIA Use of Torture and New Book “Rebuttal” That Repeats Prior Lies by CIA “Leaders” — Robert Steele Comments

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Robert Parry
Robert Parry

US Intel Vets Decry CIA’s Use of Torture

Torture defenders are back on the offensive publishing a book by ex-CIA leaders rebutting a Senate report that denounced the brutal tactics as illegal, inhumane and ineffective. Now, in a memo to President Obama, other U.S. intelligence veterans are siding with the Senate findings and repudiating the torture apologists.

Comment by Robert Steele Below the Fold

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I was honored to sign the letter against torture to Senator McCain along with Admiral and former DCI Stansfield Turner. Michael Kearns, lead author of BROKEN! [the book about torture and traitors] is among those signing the new letter, and I did as well — George Tenet and Cofer Black are among the many world-class disemblers who dishonor the intelligence profession. Tenet's equal additional crime against humanity and clear betrayal of the public trust was the prostitution of his office, first in helping Cheney repress legitimate advance warning about 9/11 that would have allowed its prevention instead of its treasonous exploitation by the Vice President, and then in offering a contrived “slam dunk” appraisal on weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq that was a lie — totally absolutely not supported by everything CIA knew from the son-in-law defector and the twenty or so line crossers as well as other sources of classified intelligence. I am sick and tired of US intelligence “leaders” being in constant betrayal of the public trust.  Jim Clapper and John Brennan continue to mis-serve the intelligence profession, with assassination by drone, continued rendition and torture by proxy, drug running, money laundering, insider trading (thank you, NSA), and blackmail all part of their continuing “dirty tricks.” Never mind that they cannot produce any useful intelligence (decision support) for the President (much less the Cabinet, Congress and the public) while spending tens of billions on mass surveillance and subsidization of foreign intelligence services. We lack intelligence with integrity.

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