Berto Jongman: Pentagon Uses NGOs as Spies — Violation of US Law?

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berto smallTop-Secret Pentagon Program Exploited Aid Workers as Covert Spies

Experts warn that Department of Defense espionage program places international NGOs at great risk

After a months-long investigation, The Intercept‘s Matthew Cole, with help from Margot Williams and Lee Fang, exposes the reach of a highly-classified Department of Defense program, which ran from December 2004 to 2013.

Phi Beta Iota: In theory and in law, US spies are not supposed to use the Peace Corps, clergy, U.S. citizen journalists, or NGO employees as directed spies.  They are all fair game for debriefing, but they cannot be given direction or funding.  We don’t have “intelligence” in the USA, we have secret slush funds that are out of control and often doing great harm (e.g. drone assassinations).

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