Ray McGovern: Russia, Syria, & US-Israel UPDATE

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Ray McGovern
Ray McGovern

The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help

The risk here, however, is that the American neocons and liberal interventionists remain drunk on their dreams of a permanent U.S. global hegemony that doesn’t broach any rivalry from Russia, China or any other potential challenger to America’s “full-spectrum dominance.” If these war hawks don’t sober up – and if Obama remains their reluctant enabler – the chances that the crises in Ukraine or Syria could escalate into a nuclear showdown cannot be ignored. Thus, Russia’s move last week was truly a game-changer; and Putin is no longer playing games. One can only hope Obama can break free from the belligerent neocons and liberal war hawks.


Phi Beta Iota: Although written in polemic form, the below article by Dr. Preston James offers some insights that boil down to the US Government now being divided, edging away from Israel and Saudi Arabia, with some very honorable senior officers in the Pentagon now said to be restoring checks and balances that Dick Cheney had eliminated. We are inclined to agree — we have been getting weak signals from other sources that the very top level has a sufficiency of officers “playing the game” in public but refusing to engage in unconstitutional military actions in behind the scenes confrontations where their integrity is carrying the day.


Putin calls America's Bluff over ISIS and the USG is caught in its own big lies.

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