Mongoose: Veterans for Peace at White House: National Security Compromised by Support for Netanyahu

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VFP – “American National Security Has Been Compromised by US Support for PM Netanyahu.”

VFP members peacefully gathered before the White House to perform democracy’s most sacred and patriotic duty –- holding the government accountable for its own conscious and integrity.

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VFP views the U.S. government’s credibility in the world as a National Security issue, and we believe that being on the right side of history goes hand in hand with promoting peace. Supporting and launching wars without being attacked, and/or without any clear and present humanitarian “benefit to war” causes the world to question what type of a relationship they want with us. We fear an America in global isolation may be in store for our future generations if we continue down our current trajectory.

MLK Silence is BetrayalAnd so today, VFP took a stand with Code Pink and Answer Coalition against “our greatest ally,” just like when America Declared its Independence from Britain. We can no longer be silent as this “ally” drags the country we love into the sewers of history in its genocidal quest against the State of Palestine. We call on American leadership to be brave in this turbulent time and stop funding PM Netanyahu’s genocidal War Crimes / Crimes Against Humanity.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: We need more of this. Neither our intelligence nor our policy mandarins appear to have the integrity to actually represent the public interest in relation to Israel, Saudi Arabia, or any of the ten high level threats to humanity where the top three as identified by the High Level Panel are Poverty, Infectious Disease, and Environmental Degradation. The lack of intelligence with integrity in Washington DC is killing us all.

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