Greg Maybury: ISIS – Made in the USA?

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Greg Maybury
Greg Maybury

Origins of ISIS aka Islamic State

Well Researched Essay Exposes ISIS and War Agenda

No matter how you cut it, ISIS is a product of U.S. government's twisted foreign policy.

Phi Beta Iota: The deeper one digs the more complex it gets. Today ISIS is a creature of Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with active leadership roles played by disenfranchised Sunni military officers from Iraq, and in some groups, Israeli officers whether declared or under a false flag. What this article does well is trace everything back to the decision to arm and train Islamic fighters for action against the Soviets in Afghanistan. However, it seriously exaggerates the malice aforethought — it was Congressman Charlie Wilson, not Zbigniew Brzezinski, who took a nickle and dime CIA covert operation to the billion a year mark. It also alludes to but does not unpack the reality that there are multiple US foreign policies; it is the neoconservatives, empowered by Dick Cheney and still flourishing in dysfunctional US political environment, who are destabilizing the world.

ON PARIS: It appears increasingly likely that Paris II was a false flag, but that it is remnants of NATO Gladio, the stay-behind network managed by neo-Nazi extreme rightists and fellow travelers to the US neo-conservatives, who orchestrated the November 13th attacks. Saudi Arabia and Turkey probably helped, and Israel may have helped also, but we do not think Israel was the primary actor. It is also likely that numerous genuine ISIS activities have been stopped by alert authorities and more will emerge over time. The only way to stop ISIS at this point is to develop a multinational grand strategy complemented by absolutely ruthless counterintelligence against our own traitors.

EARLY WARNING: Azerbaijan and Croatia appear ready to pop. Whatever we are doing to wind those two countries up as sources of instability needs to be stopped.

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