Robert Steele: Qatar Buys French Presidents

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

The American Interest has an excellent article in its archives on how Qatar sought to set up former French President Nicholas Sarkozy with a sinecure — a European reconstruction investment fund that he would ostensibly manage, earning three million euros a year for spending a couple of days a week in the London office.

Sarkozy’s New Sugar Daddy: Qatar

It is naive for citizens to not  realize that every European politican — as is the case with most US politicians — is not only bought and paid for in the moment, but is also subject to enormous pressures, both positive (guaranteed sugar daddies in waiting) and negative (those pedophile photos are always ready).

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President Holland is a pawn. He is trapped by forces he cannot comprehend and cannot control. President Obama is in a similar situation, but most interestingly, there appear to be several emergent constructive forces coming to his aid — a resurgence of integrity in counterintelligence; a resurgence of integrity in our most senior military ranks; and the tentative emergence and engagement of the Cultural Creatives, 100 million US citizens with a brain who are now paying attention.

I pray that the obviousness of the current French facade and the deceit of the varied parties involved in creating this facade, inspires the public to the point that President Obama receives the intelligence and the strategic roadmap that he needs to end his term with honor and in relative peace. I for one am eager and ready to help him — and the US Government — rejoin the real world.

The dogs — and especially the bitches — of war should be put down.

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