KINDLE: A Fantasy – On the Seventh Day – How a Burning Babe and Lynn Rothschild Saved Democracy in America

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All of the preconditions for revolution exist in the USA today, from a concentration of wealth combined with 23% unemployment to a government that has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people because of the blatant manner in which a two-party tyranny has sold out to 40-odd billionaires. Chris Hedges (Empire of Illusion) and Matt Taibbi (Griftopia) nailed it. All we are missing is a precipitant (such as a soccer mom torching herself on Capitol Hill) and a couple of billionaires that “get” the insanity of a 100% corrupt government making their wealth very vulnerable to pitchforks on the mansions and angry veterans putting 50 caliber bullets into their Lear Jets as they land or take off. This white paper offers a seven day plan for restoring American democracy while treating the elite to the most graceful Truth & Reconciliation process they might have prayed for. 7 Pages, 99 Cents.

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