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All of the preconditions for revolution exist in the USA today, from a concentration of wealth combined with 23% unemployment to a government that has lost all legitimacy in the eyes of the people because of the blatant manner in which a two-party tyranny has sold out to 40-odd billionaires. Chris Hedges (Empire of Illusion) and Matt Taibbi (Griftopia) nailed it. All we are missing is a precipitant (such as a soccer mom torching herself on Capitol Hill) and a couple of billionaires that “get” the insanity of a 100% corrupt government making their wealth very vulnerable to pitchforks on the mansions and angry veterans putting 50 caliber bullets into their Lear Jets as they land or take off. This white paper offers a seven day plan for restoring American democracy while treating the elite to the most graceful Truth & Reconciliation process they might have prayed for.

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The integrity of the American electoral process matters more than any single candidate. Now that the Democratic National Committee has made it clear it is merely an extension of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the time has come for all citizens to see the value of demanding an Electoral Reform Act of 2016 such that both an Independent candidate for president — with a coalition cabinet and a balanced budget announced in advance — and a sufficiency of Members promising not to caucus with either wing of the two-party tyranny — are possible. The primary purpose of this book is not to promote a specific candidate, but rather the possibility of a Second American Revolution, a non-violent revolution that restores the power of the public over a government grown too big, too corrupt, too evil, for words. Open Power is possible now, in 2016. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and Angus King are among the Senators who have the power to sponsor the Electoral Reform Act of 2016. The questions this book puts before the public is these: if not Bernie, who? If not now, when?

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Micah Sifry says it best in his new book, The Big Disconnect, when he outlines how all activists are as fragmented and ineffective today as they were in the 1960's. — the two-party duopology and the 42 billionaires behind that two-party duopology have successfully “channeled” all activist groups — including MoveOn and and the Libertarians and the Greens. Everyone is obsessed with “their” hashtag, “their” micro-issues. However well-intentioned they might be, the fact is that we are hanging separately for failure to come together on the ONE THING that we can both all support, and also win: #ElectoralReform.

I have a vision of Angus King and Jill Stein, Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul and Rand Paul, all coming together with Ralph Nader, Jesse Ventura, Jon Huntsman, myself and others, to effect a non-negotiable Statement of Demand for the Electoral Reform Act of 2015, in time for us to elect an Independent presidential team with a coalition cabinet announced in advance of election day. Neither Jeb Bush nor Hillary Clinton — nor any other candidates from the two-party duopoly — have the gravitas to do this.
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