Worth a Look: Exploring Leadership

Future-Oriented, Leadership, Worth A Look
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Amazon Page

This is the best bargain available at Amazon, and the original and best second edition (2007) recommended over the more expensive 2013 edition.

Chapter 6, Leading with Integrity and Moral Purpose, by Jennifer Armstrong, is particularly recommended. The outline for this “root” chapter is below.

Chapter Outline
I. Creating and Sustaining an Ethical Organizational Environment
II. Moral Purpose as an Act of Courage
III. Assumptions About Ethical Leadership
A. Cultural Assumptions
B. Ethical Theories and Moral Purposes
IV. Transforming Leadership Theory
V. Modeling a Moral Purpose
VI. Moral Talk
VII. Ethical Decision-Making Models
VIII. Practical Applications
A. Kidder’s Four Dilemma Paradigms
i. Justice Versus Mercy
ii. Short-term Versus Long-term
iii. Individual Versus Community
iv. Truth Versus Loyalty
B. Kidder’s Three Principles of Ethical Decision Making
i. Ends-based Thinking
ii. Rule-based Thinking
iii. Care-based Thinking
IX. Ethical Principles and Standards

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