Gunther Sonnenfeld: Transition Truths

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Gunther Sonnenfeld
Gunther Sonnenfeld

Phi Beta Iota: We are glad to introduce a new contributing editor, a very big mind on the bleeding edge of evolutionary change toward creating a prosperous world at peace. His home page in cyberspace is

Happy New Life

Welcoming constant transition, flipping the bird at time, and taking ownership of important life choices…

The following is a curated short-list of writings that reflect my commitment to possibility, through actions, experiments and ways to access the unknown unknowns.

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Worth a Look: Exploring Leadership

Future-Oriented, Leadership, Worth A Look
Amazon Page
Amazon Page

This is the best bargain available at Amazon, and the original and best second edition (2007) recommended over the more expensive 2013 edition.

Chapter 6, Leading with Integrity and Moral Purpose, by Jennifer Armstrong, is particularly recommended. The outline for this “root” chapter is below.

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