2016 – Cool Conferences First Look


ROBERT STEELE: These are events I would attend if I had the money, and speak at if invited to do so.  A preliminary list.


19-21 DesignCon, Santa Clara, CA
19-21 January Food-Energy-Water Nexus, Washington, DC
23 WCOG Annual Open Government, Washington, DC
27-29 Open Innovation & Open Business, Barcelona, Spain
30-31 FOSDEM Brussels, Beligum


18-19 Open Health Open PHACTS Vienna, Austria
19-21 Anarchapulco Peace Love Anarchy


2-3 GEOSmart India GEOIntelligence India Noida, India
7-12 International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences Open Science, Hobart, Australia
9-10 Open Computer Product, San Jose, California
18-20 FOSSASIA Open Technology, Singapore, Singapore


12-14 Open Education Global, Krakow, Poland
13-15 C106-Open Governance – Global and Local Perspectives within IRSPM, Hong Kong, China
18-20 Global Water Summit, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Republic
19-20 OER16: Open Culture University of Edinburgh, UK
26-27 Smart Cities & Homes within M2M World Congress, London, United Kingdom
26-28 Open Source [Data] Monitoring Conference (OSDC), Berlin, Germany
27-28 Open Innovation Summit, London, UK


16-19 OSCON Austin, Texas
16-19 Open Source Design, Cavtat, Bubrovnik, Croatia
19 San Francisco Bay Area Open Space Council
19-20 Open Access University of North Texas


14-16 City Innovate Summit, San Francisco, California
22-24 Living Knowledge Dublin, Ireland


?? Open Source Open Standards, London, UK
4-9 July GEO BON Open Science Leipzig, Germany
13-15 Open Spectrum Solutions within SAI Computing, London, UK


17-19 OpenSym Open Collaboration Berlin, Germany
24-26 FOSS4G Bonn, Germany


7-9 LibreOffice Brno, Czech Republic
18-25 CLIVAR Open Science (Focus on Climate & Ocean Research), Quingdao, China
22-26 Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Open Science, Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia


6-7 Open Data Madrid, Spain
9-13 Open API for data analytics within Data Analytics, Venice, Italy
9-13 Open Spectrum within Emerging Networks and Systems Intelligence, Venice, Italy
17-19 OSCON Europe London, UK
26-27 Open Innovation Summit, Boston, USA


9-13 World Open Space on Open Space, Manila, Philippines


15-16 Open Politics within ICITGA, London UK

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