Dan West: 21 Decentralizing Technologies

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Dan West
Dan West

21 Technologies that are Decentralizing the Economy and Bringing Real Power back to the People

The 21 decentralizing technologies and innovations in this list are all related to food, energy, water, shelter and waste and they are not designed to disconnect you from mankind, but rather, they integrate deeply with families, communities, societies, and all humans; in a bottom-up process rather than a centralized top-down structure. Many of these technologies are open-source, some are high-tech and others are low-tech and low-cost solutions.

LIST with Links:

1. Space-Intensive Agriculture

2. Window Farms

3. Vertical High-Rise Farm

4. Polyface Farm

5. Cold Frames & Hoop Houses

6. Warka Water Collector

7. Band-Saw Mill

8. Tiny Houses

9. The WikiHouse

10. Global Village Construction Set

11. Harvesting Rainwater From Your Roof

12. Solar Water Distiller

13. Solar Hot Water Heater

14. Solar Panels

15. Wind Power

16. Mini Nuclear Reactor

17. Bio-Char Stoves

18. Rocket Stoves

19. Biogas Generators

20. Biodigester for Human Waste

21. Composting Worms