Yoda: Telcos Discover Open Source — By-Passing CISCO Et Al

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yoda with light saberTelecoms Look Past Cisco and HP to Open Source Hardware

Now, a new wave of companies aims to push this movement even further. This morning, four big-name telecoms— AT&T, Verizon, Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, and South Korea’s SK Telecom—agreed to join the Open Compute Project. Through a sub-project dedicated to the needs of telecoms, they too will explore open source servers and networking equipment that can boost efficiency and reduce costs. “Everyone is looking for that same synergy and agility,” Gagan Puranik, a director of architecture planning at Verizon, says of his company and others who have joined Facebook’s experiment in open source hardware. “The learning and the sharing will go both ways.”

Phi Beta Iota: The article offers perspective into one of Google's greatest accomplishments not yet shared with the rest of the world but it neglects to point out that Facebook is as predatory as any other traditional company, and unlikely to share the benefits of this endeavor. Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) demand total transparency, truth, and trust — not to be found at Google or Facebook.

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