Berto Jongman: NSA whistleblower William Binney, A Good American, on 9/11, WTC 7, molten metal and NIST

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In the movie he explains how his ThinThread program (using metadata to identify patterns) was abolished two weeks before 9/11 by the new incoming director of the NSA. The new director brought with him two employees from  a private company. The new director awarded a contract to this company to develop another competing method that was less effective than Binney's program. An after the attack analysis with the ThinThread method shows that it could have predicted (and possibly prevented) 9/11.

If you thought Snowden was the first and only NSA whistleblower, then you have once again been misinformed by mainstream media – Thomas Drake and William Binney, both from NSA, blew the whistle many years before Snowden. And unlike Snowden, these two mentioned NSA whistleblowers, talk about how important 9/11 is to understand the world we live in today.

At the world premiere of Frederich Mosers movie A Good American about William Binney, on the 10th of November 2015 in Copenhagen, William Binney confirmed that he supported an investigation of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) who wrote the official reports on the three World Trade Center building destruction's on 9/11. He went as far as to call the reports “a piss poor investigation done by NIST”, confirming that the molten metal coming out of The South Tower 5 min. before it was destroyed, and the collapse of World Trade Centers Building 7, should have been addressed and investigated.

His stand on a new investigation of 9/11, is rarely mentioned by mainstream media, and this forced Whistleblower-TV Denmark and to do their job for them. So while mainstream media whores is forced to live their life in shame by avoiding to talk about the hard issues of 9/11, we bring you the truth, so you can do the math yourself.

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