Yoda: Sweden Gets It Right, Slams Saudi Arabia on Gender and Arms Sales — Missed the Export of Terrorism and Illegal Immigrants

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yoda with light saberWho’s Afraid of a Feminist Foreign Policy?

Jenny Nordberg, New Yorker, 15 April 2015

Last month, Saudi Arabia abruptly cut ties with Sweden, recalling its ambassador and announcing that it would issue no new visas to Swedish business travelers. The cause, according to Saudi Arabia, was some remarks made by Margot Wallström, the foreign minister of Sweden.

Wallström, a sixty-year-old Social Democrat who has spent almost her entire career in politics, was appointed foreign minister last fall, when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven took office. She immediately announced that she intended to pursue a feminist foreign policy and went on to explain, in a talk in the U.S., that “striving toward gender equality is not only a goal in itself but also a precondition for achieving our wider foreign, development, and security-policy objectives.”

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Phi Beta Iota: We missed this when it first came out.  As Saudi Arabia continues to export terrorism and be the primary force behind all the illegal immigrants flooding into Europe (2 million in last two years), the time has come to shut them down. France is particularly vulnerable, given the corruption of its political and military sales complex as well as its inability to assimilate and control angry young men being incentivized by the Saudis, Qatar, and the UAE to be radical and disruptive. Some decisions need to be made, boundaries established — moral, financial, and political — and most of the immigrants repatriated back to their home countries. For that to be effective, an Open Source (Technologies) Agency will be necessary, and a completely new development regime that delivers funds and open source everything engineering knowledge directly to the village level, by-passing the enormous and inherently corrupt and ineffective development complex that exists today to no good end.

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