Chuck Spinney: Hillary Clinton, DirtBag with an Email Scandal, Shoe-In for a Rigged Election

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

Only in America can a dirtbag like this be a shoe-in for the election.

Hillary Clinton’s Email Hairball Summarized in 11 Points (a Test of Presidential Character)

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Reader ScottW summarized this very thorough explainer from the Washington Post of March 27: “How Clinton’s email scandal took root”. Hoisted from comments and very lightly edited:

Some takeaways from the Clinton email server scandal per the Post’s article:

1. No State Department head (probably no government employee) ever exclusively used a private email server for both private and public email messages.

2. The private server was not encrypted for two months after Sec. of State Clinton commenced using it.

3. Bryan Pagliano, the individual in charge of “security” and maintenance of the server, originally installed it for the Clinton Foundation and other private family email users.

4. That same individual was hired at State to “moonlight” in maintaining Clinton’s private server. Experts claim a team of people is needed to run such a site. The three supervisors of this individual at State did not even know he was working on Clinton’s private server.

5. Clinton was told early on she should not (nor should any government employee) use her private Blackberry for State business. She was warned it could be hacked into and used as a listening device. She said she understood. She nevertheless continued using it throughout her tenure at home and abroad.

6. When the first FOIA for her email messages was initially submitted she responded there were none.

7. Only after the Benghazi controversy heated up, did she admit there were over 30,000 email messages concerning State Department Business. She unilaterally claimed another 30,000 plus emails were private. Side note: Public officials normally don’t have the luxury of deciding which email messages are public business, as opposed to private matters.

8. She stated there were no classified documents on the private email survivor.

9. Over 2,000 classified email chains were found on the server. Clinton claimed they were all classified after the fact. This is not true. A unspecified number were in fact classified (or of higher classification) at the time they landed on her server. Clinton herself authored emails that contained classified material.

10. Clinton’s claim of convenience in using one device relates to the 7th floor at State in which she worked. They offered to put in a terminal for her to check and send private email messages from her 7th floor office. Clinton does not use desktop computers and declined the workaround.

11. Clinton did what Clinton wanted to do despite FOIA regulations, security concerns, etc. She wanted to bring her private Blackberry into her office and use a single device abroad. And that is exactly what she did.

Any other government official engaging in such widespread misconduct would be fired, possibly prosecuted, and would lose her security clearance.

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Phi Beta Iota: Completely apart from the character (and crime issues) what troubles us in relation to the integrity of the electoral process is the manner in which the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has rigged the system to give Madame Clinton super-delegates she has not earned and does not deserve. If Senator Bernie Sanders had the brains and the balls to introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, including a proviso that ends all party manipulation of the delegate system, he would be the next president. Right now the Republican majority in Congress, which could easily pass the Act, appears to prefer Madame Clinton over Donald Trump, itself an indictment of the two-party tyranny.

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