Jean Lievens: The Global Refugee Crisis — Humanity’s Last Call for a Culture of Sharing and Cooperation

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

The global refugee crisis: humanity’s last call for a culture of sharing and cooperation

The real crisis is not the influx of refugees to Europe per se but a toxic combination of destabilising foreign policy agendas, economic austerity and the rise of right-wing nationalism, which is likely to push the world further into social and political chaos in the months ahead.

The real emergency is taking place outside of Europe, where there is a desperate need for more assistance from the international community. For example, Turkey is now home to over 3 million refugees; Jordan hosts 2.7 million refugees – a staggering 41 percent of its population; and Lebanon has 1.5 million Syrian refugees who make up a third of its population.

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Steele-with-Logo-CroppedROBERT STEELE: I addressed the need for “peaceful preventive measures” in the article I ghost-wrote for General Al Gray, USMC, then Commandant of the Marine Corps ( “Global Intelligence Challenges in the 1990’s,” American Intelligence Journal, Winter 1989-1990, pp. 37-41). I explicitly forecast the illegal immigrant explosion in my second book, The New Craft of Intelligence: Personal, Public, & Political–Citizen’s Action Handbook for Fighting Terrorism, Genocide, Disease, Toxic Bombs, & Corruption, Open Source Solutions, Inc., April 8, 2002.Below is a graphic from that book showing illegal immigration (the “break-out”) as the logical effect of corrupt ineffective governance. Over time I have reviewed many books on the criminal insanity that prevails among governments that engage in elective wars, legalize predatory capitalism, and practice virtual colonialism. It must be stressed that for all that is wrong, we can very quickly achieve a prosperous world at peace provided we reinstate our commitment to intelligence with integrity. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be achieved within a decade at a fraction of the cost (no more than 10%) estimated if attempted by the current dysfunctional industrial-donor system in which over 80% of the funds never reach the intended recipients.

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