Owl: Veterans Today on Justice Scalia’s Death — Murder, Pedophelia, and More….

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Three articles by Gordon Duff of Veterans Today suggest Justice Scalia was a major figure in blocking prosecution of elite pedophiles, and perhaps a pedophile himself.

Scalia Murdered After Obama Meeting: White House confrontation over FBI file leads to Scalia killing [by pedophiles, not Obama]

Scalia Sleeps With the Fishes: Worst person in the world found dead in Texas “rent boy ranch,” playground for Mike Jagger and Charlie Sheen

Accusations: Former Victim Claims Scalia Was a Pedophile

Phi Beta Iota: For some time now we have been concerned about the FBI's not being allowed to do its job against religious, financial, and ideological traitors — and elite pedophiles. We consider elite pedophilia the final veil that will — along with increased public awareness of how rigged the system is against the 99% — the natural foundation for a populist revolution that restores integrity to governance, the economy, and society. There are at least four points that Gordon Duff brings out that we consider worthy of public reflection:

01 Whether Scalia was a pedophile or not, he appears to have been the top jurist in America with secret society and Vatican ties, and perhaps in a position to block legal action against elite pedophiles.

02 Elite ranches (or in the case of Bill Clinton's friend, Jeffrey Epstein, Caribbean islands) are immune from legal scrutiny and may be a primary means by which child slaves are kept isolated and available.

03 We ignored the Franklin Scandal in Kansas, and we evidently ignored the Boston Scandal as well (today the topic of a movie, Spotlight), with the result that today elite pedophilia and trade in children continued without pause.

04 Whether sarcastic or not, Scalia is on record as asking if pedophiles should be protected as gays are protected — this raises the question of values. As trans-gender and trans-age claimants insist on the right to use bathrooms with the other gender, or in the case of one notorious 50 year old, to play with seven year olds) the question has to be asked: at what point does a society reserve the right to prohibit harmful practices including pedophilia and bestiality?

We have no direct knowledge but we do believe, on the basis of substantial secondary evidence, that the FBI is not being allowed to do its job; that elite pedophilia along with elite financial crime are the rot in our system; and that only full exposure will help us cleanse our society. This is an international problem. Elements of Wall Street,  the City of London, and the Vatican appear to be the three corners of the Satanic triangle that is threatening to eat the heart of civilization.

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