Berto Jongman: Kim Philby Secret Stasi Video — How He Did It, How He Got Away with It — Never Confess, Arrogance is Their Achilles Heel

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Kim Philby, British double agent, reveals all in secret video

By Gordon Corera

The tape is of Kim Philby giving a secret lecture to the Stasi, the East German Intelligence Service, in 1981. It is the first time the ex-MI6 officer can be seen talking about his life as a spy from his recruitment to his escape.

Phi Beta Iota: 3 bottom lines: never confess; their arrogance and selfishness is their biggest weakness; stealing documents is easy when no one keeps track of who sees what.  BBC provides a text summary of key points in the video as well as the video itself.

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