Mongoose: Are CalTech and Northrup Grumman Building an Electromagnetic Death Ray in Space?

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Caltech’s 2500 Orbiting Solar Panels Could Provide Earth With Limitless Energy

The Space Solar Power Initiative (SSPI), a collaboration between Caltech and Northrup Grumman, has developed a system of lightweight solar power tiles which can convert solar energy to radio waves and can be placed in orbit to beam power to an energy-thirsty Earth.

Phi Beta Iota: Either the Pentagon is deeply stupid and does not know that earth-based renewable energy solutions are an order of magnitude cheaper, faster, and better, or this is an electromagnetic death ray being funded under the notional — not very credible — cover of being an energy solution. We are long overdue for cutting the Pentagon’s budget in half. For what they are spending on this project a great deal of good could be done for the 23% unemployed in America.