Stephen E. Arnold: Citation Analytics Warmed Over and Still Incompetent

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Innovation Is Not Reheated Pizza.

Do you remember Eugene Garfield? He was the go to person in the field of citation analysis. The jargon attached to his figuring out how to identify who cited what journal article snagged old school jargon like bibliometrics. Dr. Garfield founded the Institute for Scientific Information. He sold ISI to Thomson (now Thomson Reuters) in 1992. I mention this because this write up explains an “innovation” which strikes me as recycled Garfield.

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Steele-with-Logo-CroppedROBERT STEELE: I remain aghast at the ignorance and complacency and general dishonesty of most so-called “intelligence” professionals (both government and corporate as well as academic and non-government). Not only do they not “do” citation analytics, but they have no clue — nor do they care that have no clue — that citation analytics only address the 1% of all paper written that are published in generally-dishonest “peer reviewed” journals all of which are pursuing a mixed agenda of profit, control, and mis-direction. No one, anywhere, does multilingual citation analytics, nor do the drill down to the 99% of the paper written but not published, nor do they drill down to the latest graduate-level hands-on work that has not been published but can be accessed by direct human contact (Open Source Intelligence is HUMAN, not technical, and it demands analytic production tailored to a need, not just acquisition of information).

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