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Daniel Araya
Daniel Araya

‘Think To Speak’ Headset Is Breaking Down Communication Barriers

This development comes thanks to Smartstones’ new mobile sensory speech app, which can be connected to an EEG headset that lets individuals reach out to others via ‘thought messages.’

Scientists Can Now Identify Individuals Based on Brain Waves—And It’s 100% Accurate

…researchers from Binghamton University have found a more efficient way to identify people—using brain waves.

Phi Beta Iota: There is also a dark side. Electromagnetic pollution — as well as the persistent poisoning of air, water, and food — combined with “cognitive dissonance” from a collapsing global economy and severe stresses on culture, are undermining the mental health of the population. Below are two links from a growing body of literature. We have no direct knowledge, but on balance are inclined to believe that from geoengineering to bio-war, there are some terrible threats to humanity bubbling up from the dark side — at the same time, given the complete failure of the CIA torture program, it would appear that it is blameless as an institution (just as it was blameless with respect to the crack cocaine explosion in Los Angeles), and the really bad stuff is being managed by the “deep state” totally removed from Congressional oversight and the visible budget.

CIA Mind Control Experiments (Summary with Links)

Research Papers on Frequency Weapons