Debilyn Molineaux: Fomenting a Political Evolution

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Debilyn Molineaux
Debilyn Molineaux

Fomenting a Political Evolution

Debilyn Molineauz, President, The Coffee Party

The Huffington Post, 6 May 2016

Having witnessed many revolutions via media, my preference is for an evolution. For me, it is the difference between war and peace. The difference between the French Revolution and the reunification of Germany. Both were systemic and dramatic. One pushed people apart, and the other brought people together, all within their own country.

How can we express our collective will for a political (and electoral) evolution? What if we further evolve the American Enlightenment to include all people in social equity? And what would that look like? How can we increase trust that “the people” are capable of governing themselves? Many people are working on this, including Coffee Party and other members of the Bridge Alliance.

Robert Steele has suggested [aggregated from many others] a 12 point plan to overhaul our system. FairVote is tracking what is happening across the country. In the end, it is our mindset along with our actions that will determine our future.  Read full post.

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