Eagle: Charles Hugh Smith on The Structure of (Assured) Collapse 2016-2019

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

The Structure of Collapse: 2016-2019

Leaders face a no-win dilemma: any change of course will crash the system, but maintaining the current course will also crash the system.

The end-state of unsustainable systems is collapse. Though collapse may appear to be sudden and chaotic, we can discern key structures that guide the processes of collapse. Though the subject is complex enough to justify an entire shelf of books, these six dynamics are sufficient to illuminate the inevitable collapse of the status quo.

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1. Doing more of what has failed spectacularly.

2. Emergency measures become permanent policies.

3. Diminishing returns on status quo solutions.

4. Declining social mobility.

5. The social order loses cohesion and shared purpose as the social-economic classes pull apart.

6. Strapped for cash as tax revenues decline, the state borrows more money and devalues its currency as a means of maintaining the illusion that it can fulfill all its promises.

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