Owl: Trump’s Mexican Code – White Anger Over Never-Ending Illegals Legalized by Obama, and Whites as a Neglected Interest Group

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A very, very interesting brief analysis on Trump’s complaint about the judge who has Mexican background – the quote from “Rum” in it is the most insightful thing I have seen on this issue so far. Worthy as an Owl post, if I comment a little? Comments would be along these lines: in essence, he’s saying Trump’s actions here implies he is defending whites as another special-interest group, no different than any black, Hispanic, Asian group asserting self-interest. The kicker is that Trump is reacting to what Rum calls the emerging “multi-ethnic Empire” taking place in US. “I think that DT is throwing down another gauntlet. He is saying, in effect, “Reverse the move toward being a multi-ethnic empire or we (his supporters) will start acting on the premise that the USA actually is one.” That is, “white” people will begin to manifest concern for their explicit self-interest just like any other group.” This reminds me of news recently that demographic trends in US indicate whites will be a minority by 2050 or sooner. Indeed, if true, Trump is playing a long game. So Trump is  not really racist, he’s just representing white interest, no different from say, Jesse Jackson representing black interest. But as people who justifiably find fault with Israel are accused of being anti-Semites, so Trump is accused of being racist when proclaiming white interest, because the interests of whites is completely irrelevant and beneath contempt and unworthy of notice, a POV molded by 1%, probably to stir up people against each other.

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