Robert Steele: Why Have the Rothschilds Not Been Assassinated? A Chinese Perspective Combined with Truth & Reconciliation

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: I grew up in Asia and returned to Asia as a Marine Corps officer. It has been my privilege to be educated in Singapore as well as Viet-Nam, Thailand, and the Philippines, and I count among my long-standing colleagues some people with access to the Lee Kuan Yew (RIP) network. As Lee Kuan Yew has noted, “demography is destiny.” He might easily have said “demography — and gold — trump faux democracy, financialization fraud, and a hollow US military.” I asked the question of my most senior Singapore contact:

Why have the Rothschilds not been assassinated, starting with the great grand-children? What is holding up the restoration of balance in the global financial system?

Below is the answer I received, with my added comment.

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I really cannot guess, only speculate. Although this has been discussed here — it would be easy to carry out such a plan, especially so if only the first ten deaths are needed — the leadership seems to feel that the solutions are on a suitable timeline.  At lower levels, the Rothschilds are deeply embedded throughout Asia, and in the gold trade, which helps to protect them. For example, they secretly own the biggest gold mine in the Philippines using Imelda’s family as a front on its board of directors; so they know where the bunkers are that Ferdie used to hide what his army units recovered.  Thus they control or influence the clandestine movement of gold, and it’s reprocessing by what everyone thought was a defunct UK bank, owned by the Bank of England and therefore the Royal Family. The May 30 NEW YORKER has an good article about how Herve Falciani severely damaged HKSB, causing it to fall from its previous position as the worlds biggest (crooked) bank. HKSB was built with opium trade profits by Jardine-Matheson manipulated by its front man Sir Robert Hotung, whose children and grandchildren are billionaires embedded in  the UK, USA and Hong Kong/Macao … so the Rothschilds have a strong voice within this network. Everywhere you turn, the Rothschilds and their cabal have a piece of the action. They have become a global disease — we think of them as a form of financial SARS far beyond  the pandemic effect we originally worried about with the  real SARS.

They own Netanyahu and the extreme right in Israel. They have huge leverage in Saudi Arabia through its oil companies and arms trade. They are part of the Saudi instigation of Desh, against Iran, Iraq and Syria. So they are usually on both sides at the same time. They are probably financing the rise of the Fascist dictator in Turkey, and the Fascist regime in Kiev. They are on both sides in European politics, the UK, and USA. From here it appears that the Koch brothers are probably guided in some manner by the Rothschilds and Bill Gates and his very subversive global “philanthropic” activities including his covert sterilization programs may be part of their web.

They have significant leverage on the mainland through China’s traditional gold-based billionaires (not the digital pretenders riding the easily wiped out digital balance sheets), such that even the most powerful in Beijing might not wish to begin a violent campaign against them (just yet). [PBI: Emphasis in original.]

Certainly a determined Chinese leader could arrange hundreds of executions overnight, easily and with total impunity.  However, China — including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the diaspora around the world but especially in Indonesia, the Philippines, Argentina and other points including the USA — is incredibly complicated and demanding as a governance challenge. It may be that the mainland leadership is focused on conducting the complex Chinese orchestra and choosing not to take direct action — even token action — against members of the Rothschild family at the same time. They are simply too busy making a success of China’s rise to global pre-eminence — we clearly see that China has beaten the US across the south with its investments in infrastructure instead of its infantile and so obviously mercenary military interventions.The new Chinese century will be very clearly begun by 2025.

From where we sit, the Rothschilds know their time is up, the settlements are coming soon, and everyone will be gracious. There is no need for a bloodbath.

ROBERT STEELE: I love the intelligence and integrity reflected in the above assessment. I totally agree. I have no direct knowledge but when I saw Lady Lynn Rothschild's sponsor the conference on Inclusive Capitalism in May 2014, I knew the  tide had turned. Truth & Reconciliation is absolutely the way to go. While a vast amount of false digital wealth will be wiped out in the coming resettlement, the Rothchilds will not cease to be billionaires; they — and the British Royal Family and City of London — will simply cease to be in charge of looting the world. The Middle Kingdom — and the middle way of harmony — will re-emerge as the center for all humanity. I find this inspiring. It shames me that elements of the US Government actively joined in the assassination of John F. Kennedy and so many others since this, and has failed to represent the public interest while the two-party tyranny has so assiduously sold us all out into what Matt Taibbi calls “Griftopia.” I have doubts about Donald Trump, but he is the only candidate running who might conceivably restore integrity to the US electoral system while also “making the deal” in the transition from the interegum of crooked wealth to the new era of balanced wealth operating in the public interest and taking the long view. My open letter to Donald J. Trump has been published in three places and is all I can do as a single individual to try to make America right with God and right with our own Constitution and the soul of America the Beautiful that has been so dishonored by Wall Street and the two-party tyranny.

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