CounterPunch: Revolt of the Proles — Why Donald Trump Resonates…

Cultural Intelligence

counterpunch squareDonald Trump and the Revolt of the Proles

It’s about the elites. It’s about the 1%. It’s about the fact that your parties, have sold you down the river.”   . . .   Elites understand what’s going on. They know they got too greedy and went overboard.    . . .   Instead of acknowledging and addressing the fundamental flaws within themselves, they are devoting their energies to demonizing the victims of their corruption, all in order to de-legitimize those grievances and thus relieve themselves of responsibility to meaningfully address them. That reaction only serves to bolster, if not vindicate, the animating perceptions that these elite institutions are hopelessly self-interested, toxic, and destructive and thus cannot be reformed but rather must be destroyed.

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