Owl: John Robb Says Trump Spouse Speech Hacked — A Willful Signed Act of Plagiarism & Symbolism

Civil Society, Cultural Intelligence, Ineptitude, IO Impotency
Who? Who?
Who? Who?

The systems disruption prize for Monday goes to the operative who Rickrolled Melania Trump's speech. Wow. Amazing.

Melania Trump’s Speech was Intentionally Sabotaged

Adding the rickroll to a sabotaged speech is a calling card. A signature for a hack. It's very, very cool.

“Perhaps Melania Trump is lazy, dishonest, and very stupid, and so indifferent to the success of her husband’s campaign that she knowingly plagiarized Michelle Obama’s language.  That is one possible explanation.  It is not convincing. However, there is more.  There is also a passage in Melania Trump’s speech which is a direct quote from a Rick Astley song. In other words, Melania Trump’s speech was Rickrolled.  To those who do not recall the fad from 2008 or so, Rickrolling was providing a link which purported to be something else, but in fact linked to a Rick Astley video, in fact, the very video whose lyrics were included in Melania Trump’s speech. The only plausible explanation for the presence of these lyrics is that someone who participated in the drafting of Melania Trump’s speech intentionally included the Rick Astley lyric, apparently as a signal the speech had been “hacked.” The Rick Astley lyric is a mocking gesture, a flipped bird from the saboteur.  There is no rational explanation for Melania Trump knowingly or intentionally including the Rick Astley lyric in her speech.  Someone who knew what the Rick Astley lyric represented included it in the speech. Others have suggested that the so-called plagiarism might have been intentional sabotage by someone involved in the speech-writing process, e.g. this article. In fact, there is no other plausible explanation.”


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