Mongoose: Turkey’s Fake Coup? False Flag to Purge Military & Judges? Foreign Allies Re-Boot Against US & Pro-Russia?

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Turkey Accuses US Of Being Behind Military Coup, Demands Extradition Of Cleric Gulen

“Once these operations are completed, we will continue our fight against Daesh (Islamic State) with either coalition nations, or within the NATO framework, and resume our cooperation with NATO,” Cavusoglu said.

TURKEY: Sibel Edmonds Dissects the Turkey Coup Attempt: A CIA-Gulen Concocted Dry Run – YouTube

Gulen: Failed Attempt Probably ‘Staged’ by Erdogan

The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds

Why the coup in Turkey failed

U.S. Resumes Anti-ISIS Airstrikes From Turkish Base

Phi Beta Iota: There are indications this was a theatric coup, initiated by the Turkish president himself, with three pre-planned actions: a) crowds into the streets against the small number of troops (Erdogan is not beloved — getting crowds like that should have required advance arrangements and incentives); b) purging 2,745 judges, not a list created overnight, and being removed from the direct matter of power; and c) closing down power to the largest US air base in the region (a vulnerability Robert Steele has been pointing out for decades, inclusive of US bases in the US all too easy to shut down from outside the wire).

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2016 Turkey was already undergoing a slow-motion coup – by Erdoğan, not the army

Opposition newspapers have been taken over by court-appointed administrators. Dissident television stations have had the plug pulled from satellites; digital platforms are no longer seen in people’s homes. Erdoğan curses the very social media which this weekend helped to save his skin. Increasingly, the government has put the judiciary under its thumb.

2015 Turkish Intellectual: Turkey Moves to a New Nightmare (EXCLUSIVE)

For at least 60 percent of Turkish society Erdogan’s reputation went down to zero.

Turkey is undergoing a ‘seismic foreign policy shift’ — and it could have ‘unprecedented’ consequences

In the past month, Turkey has moved to normalize relations with Israel, Russia, and now — according to comments made by Turkey’s new prime minister, as well as a Foreign Policy report published Wednesday — with the Assad regime in Syria.

Did Pres. Erdogan Himself Order the Coup in Turkey? Sure, Because he’s Actually a Zionist

PBI: This one Santa Monica writer gets it half right — the author naive and uninformed (or maliciously deceptive) on 9/11 and the Zionist plan to Balkanize the Middle East — on balance we believe Erdogan manufacturing this coup designed to fail — the Turkish military are very competent — this “Keystone Kops” coup reeks of self-initiated Reichstag fire… What we are seeing is an end to US “impunity” in the region.

OLD: U.S. Troops at Turkish Air Base on Highest Force Protection Level

U.S. troops at Turkey’s Incirlik air base were at the highest force protection level, known as “condition Delta,” after power was cut off at the base and the Turkish government closed the airspace around the site in the hours following a foiled military coup attempt, a U.S. official told ABC News today.

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