Owl: The Pedophile Billionaire that Could Bring Down Both Donald Trump and the Clintons

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Pedophile Politicians and Billionaires Mix it Up

This article thoroughly details the history of billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s double life as investment fund manager and pedophile, with emphasis on the latter. Like most articles that have appeared on Epstein, this one also mentions Bill Clinton’s deep friendship with him, implying a high probability that Clinton participated in sexual activity with underage girls made available to him by Epstein. What is new here is the evidence that Republican presidential nominee and real estate billionaire Donald Trump was very good friends with Epstein and socialized with him, and he may, as Clinton, have indulged an appetite for sex with young girls that Epstein’s people procured.


The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Phi Beta Iota: Bill Clinton is known to have made eleven trips on the “Lolita Express” jet owned and operated by convicted pedophile Jeff Epstein, to the island where children appear to have been kept in slavery for the sexual pleasure of Epstein and his many “friends.” What is new is the case against Donald Trump being brought by Katie Johnson who now has a collaborating witness (her first case was dismissed by a judge).

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