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The focus of this post is on electoral reform and restoring integrity to the electoral and governance process of the USA, not on electing Gary Johnson. It should be obvious that neither Trump nor Clinton will support electoral reform.

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

My focus since running briefly for President in 2012, accepted by the Reform Party as one of three nominees — and still friends today with Andre Barnett, the nominee who rightfully earned that nomination –has been on non-partisan electoral reform. I have learned from direct experience that all parties — including the Libertarian and Green parties — are toxic because they demand single-party tickets, winner-take all cabinets, blind adoption of the often insane if not duplicitous party platform, and a commitment to honor sleazy promises to donors, purchased promises that are not in the public interest.

I have given a great deal of thought to electoral reform and governance reform, sparked in part by my realization that intelligence reform and all other reforms (climate change, employment, energy, health, etcetera) are an impossible dream as long as we have a dishonest two-party tyranny “government” that fronts for Wall Street.

While I have been prepared (after trying very hard to get Bernie Sanders to focus (he blew me off eight times) and then working my way through O'Malley, Kasich, Bloomberg, and others) to support Donald Trump as a disruptor, and I remain impressed by Trump himself — his campaign is in disarray and his staff stinks (they cannot even handle a simple “unsubscribe” from the flood of badly written ill-conceived fund-raising emails now legitimately going into spam buckets across the Republic) — Trump is increasingly being shown to be “damaged goods.” There is an alternative to Trump or Clinton — an alternative that should be attractive to the 70% of the voters now disenfranchised by the two-party tyranny.

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I know and like Gary Johnson as an individual — he drove my 1964 MGB in New Hampshire — and I deeply admire everyone else in the above chart (Governor Weld is the only person I do not have some direct knowledge of). The position of Governor-General is a new position and arguably more powerful than the Vice Presidency — it organizes the Governors to return the USA to a state-centric country, restoring state rights, and making the federal government — an administrative entity — dependent on both public approval of a balanced budget, and state funding of the government. The IRS and the Federal Reserve can both be shut down.

We have one chance to get this right, assuming Trump does not wake up and flush his staff once again (all of these ideas are more easily implemented by Trump, who at this time is certain to win the election). During the month of August a deal can be made with the incumbents of both parties — everyone keeps their seats, both parties shut down all challengers and agree to not mount bids for the 20-30 seats being vacated — those are to be reserved for Independents and small parties, especially the Libertarian and Green parties.  The passage of the Electoral Reform Act of 2016, shown below, would do two things: it would restore integrity in fulfilling Article 1 to Congress, providing a safety net against a White House run amok as either of the two candidates is certainly capable of going rogue; and it would open the possibility with Instant Run-Off — the real possibility — of a true majority president if Governor Johnson and his team were the second choice for all the Trump and Clinton fanatics, and the first choice for the 70% that at this time are in “none of the above” mood.

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There is nothing wrong with America the Beautiful that cannot be fixed, and fixed quickly, by restoring integrity to our electoral and governance processes and thence to our economy and our society. Our children deserve this, our country merits our active love rather than our pathetic acquiescence allowing “Griftopia,” and our God — the cosmic good of which we are all capable — would seem to demand that we rise to the occasion.

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