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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

Below as asked and answered for a Gary Null special commemorating 9/11 and the efforts of the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as led by Richard Gage. Their event in NYC on 10-11 September 2016 is highly recommended and will feature Danny Sheehan, among others.

Only some of the answers may be used for the public broadcast, this is my record copy — my entire life is transparent and truthful and dedicated to the proposition, as Thomas Jefferson would have it, that “a nation's best defense is an educated citizenry.”

To get there, we must all display integrity and be committed to the truth at any cost while embracing Truth & Reconciliation toward those who have committed great crimes against us and in our name.

01 Let’s start with the false flag operation you carried out for the Central Intelligence Agency. I realize you cannot give us specifics, but tell our listeners about the history of false flag operations within the Central Intelligence Agency, and why you believe false flag operations are now a common practice by varied elements of the US Government.

CIA owes Ed Landsdale for discovering how easy it was, in the Philippines, to create false flag threats that could then elect presidents whose rise to public prominence was orchestrated by the CIA. Fake guerrilla groups would be “eliminated” by young Army captains who then became national heroes.  All theater. This story is told by Jonathan Nashel in Edward Lansdale's Cold War. I myself executed a false flag operation for the CIA — no one died — and I mention that only to point out first that false flags are “routine” in the covert operations world, and second, that by false flag we mean nothing more or less than “not what it appears to be.” Most US politics is false flag theater in its own way — the justifications for war in Viet-Nam, across Africa, going into Iraq, all lies, all false flag. I believe that the CIA false flag methods have now proliferated to the Department of Homeland Defense, to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and to private military contractors who are funded by neo-conservatives and fascists and are the ones shooting policemen and trying to pin the blame on Black Lives Matters and others.

02 You are on record as saying that Dick Cheney is the primary architect of 9/11 and that he organized the specifics of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon months in advance.  What can you tell us about how you arrived at that conclusion?

Over thirteen countries warned us months in advance with the result not that we stopped 9/11 but rather embraced it as the long desired “Pearl Harbor” suitable for scaring the public into going along with massive treason. Dick Cheney scheduled a national counter-terrorism exercise for “the day” months in advance so that he could disable the normally effective Northern Command air patrols and air hijacking procedures; he also conspired with various senior officers including George Tenet at CIA and the acting director of the FBI, to shut down the US Army's superb ABLE DANGER program, to the point of having an FBI team raid the offices to confiscate evidence. The ultimate truth-teller is that Dick Cheney personally controlled the US Government on 9/11, that did not happen on the day, it was programmed to happen months in advance. 9/11 was orchestrated by Dick Cheney personally.  All those deaths, all that destruction, are on Dick Cheney personally. There is a summary focused on Cheney and listing the thirteen countries that warned us in advance, at

03 The government has tried to portray the CIA and FBI as being scattered and incompetent as an excuse for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that FBI whistleblowers such as Robert Wright, Coleen Rowley, and Harry Samit did all they could to notify their superiors of an impending attack. Your thoughts?

I have to say first off that the US secret intelligence community is indeed incompetent, and the FBI does not actually do counter-intelligence, they just go through the motions. Most of what CIA claims to be clandestine human intelligence is derived from hand-outs they get from foreign intelligence communities that tend to lie most of the time, and domestic legal debriefings. I also have to say that 95% of the people working for the US Government are good people trapped in bad systems. Key people did try to do their jobs, and they were hamstrung by either politicians or political appointees including flag officers — generals and admirals — too eager to “go along” and forgetful of their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign. Had Dick Cheney not chosen to bless 9/11 and make it his own, it would have been stopped dead in its tracks by August at the latest. “Ragheads” with box cutters do not do that kind of damage — this was all orchestrated and the destruction was caused by US munitions placed by US citizens under the oversight of Dick Cheney.

04 You and Richard Gage have known each other for some time. What are your thoughts on Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, what have they done right, what can they do better, why have they not been heard and believed by millions more?

I would love to see Richard Gage nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What he has done is in the true spirit of loyal dissent, patriotic thinking, and an absolute commitment to truth in public service. Thomas Jefferson said that a nation's best defense is an educated citizenry. George Orwell has said that in a time of universal deceit telling the  truth is the ultimate revolutionary act.  I believe they have done everything they could while remaining legal and ethical. The next step is an independent investigation that I would like to see extended to include the more recent false flags, as those are easier for the current public to understand and that in turn opens minds toward the 9/11 truth narrative.

05 With your military and intelligence background, can you comment on the collapse of 3 steel-framed skyscrapers on that day? Augmented by all your reading as a top Amazon reviewer, what do you think happened and who did it?

There is absolutely no question but that there were no full-size aircraft with passengers that hit the North or South tower and of course nothing hit WTC 7 and a missile hit the Pentagon. Weeks in advance the dogs were removed from the WTC complex and they did not return. Controlled demolitions were implanted, the video and other evidence is compelling — massive fire bomb theatrics were placed inside the AIG offices and drones were used to simulate the air strikes on the two towers. This was done by Dick Cheney leading a neo-conservative cabal with assistance from fanatical evangelicals in the Pentagon and particularly a small US Air Force element able to direct a missile covertly. I have reviewed a number of books and DVDs on 9/11, I particularly recommend the books by Webster Tarpley, James Bamford, Christopher Bollyn, and Mark Gaffney.

06 Also in relation to New York City, there is an aspect that is not discussed often by most, having to do with what you call the “Gold War” against Russia. One document our listeners can find online is entitled the Black Eagle Trust – what can you say about that, the history of gold and covert operations, and specifically, your view of where Buzzy Krongard fits in all this?

Your listeners can look up < Black Eagle Trust > online and get right to a superb overview by Fred Burks, along with a link to the full analysis in a 59-page PDF, “Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001” written by EP Heidner. What I call Gold War started in the Philippines when Ed Lansdale tortured his way into discovering the maps for all the gold and other treasures that Japan had buried in the Philippines after we cut their shipping channel back to Japan. Over 175 deep mines, most with the prisoners digging them buried alive when the mines were blown shut. This story is told by Sterling and Peggy Seagraves in Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold. That gold became the Black Lily Trust under the control of the Secretary of the Treasury, and was used to finance the salvation of fascists and their treasure from Germany — a story told by David Talbot in The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government — and to resurrect fascist politicians in Germany, Italy, and Japan, while financing the rise of dictators willing to pay lip service to anti-communism.  CIA was founded by a small Wall Street cabal led by Allen Dulles and is best understood as seven different CIAs — I have written about this — the most important of which is the Wall Street CIA, the root for the Deep State that Peter Dale Scott and Mike Lofgren and others have written about. Allen Dulles was a traitor. Fascism did not lose WWII, it simply moved to the USA and Argentina and went underground in Europe under the guise of GLADIO, the alleged stay-behind network that actually buried a lifetime supply of cash and arms for closet Nazis. Buzzy Krongard, to finish up, is the ultimate representative of Deutchbank and Brown; he was approved by George Bush to move into CIA next to George Tenet from 1998 onwards, to assist in the prosecution of a covert Gold War seeking to destroy the Russian economy. George Soros was very much a part of this according to everything I have read, I have no direct knowledge. While 9/11 was primarily a casus belli for the US invasion of Central Asia and the Middle East, it was also a cover-up for the laundering of $250 billion in Black Eagle Trust funds — 935 lies were told in the aftermath of 9/11, and to his eternal shame, Colin Powell was the primary validator of those lies because he was the only person in government the public — and the United Nations — still trusted.

07 The Pentagon, some say – including yourself – was hit by a missile. As someone who has spent forty years in the military system, what’s your take on what happened to the Pentagon, and how – if it was a missile – did Donald Rumsfeld get US military officers to fire a US missile at their own building?

There is absolutely no question but that the Pentagon was hit by a missile. The photographs taken immediately after the strike before the facade collapsed show the round hole, and a retired USAF Major General (previously responsible for all imagery analysis of the former Soviet Union) declared it was a missile, on national television. This was quickly covered up. I have cleaned up after aircraft accidents — body parts, seats, luggage and debris are everywhere.  The titanium aircraft engines and broad wings do not go into buildings with vertical steel beams every 14 inches, as was the case with the WTC buildings — the case of the Pentagon you are taking about thick broad hard surfaces. The FBI confiscation of all video coverage is a truth-teller — the FBI has been complicit in betraying the public trust since its foundation by a pedophile, J. Edgar Hoover.

Sadly we have traitors within all our ranks because the FBI postures but is not a serious counterintelligence agency — it is not allowed to go after financial, religious, and ideological traitors. One of the most pernicious combinations in modern history in the aftermath of the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a cabal led by Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover and Texas energy interests — a cabal that included George Bush and Yasik Rabin present in Dallas — has been the full ideological integration of Zionists and Christian evangelicals with a great deal of money. The Zionists are playing the evangelicals toward an “End of Times” scenario, and this has led to the complete penetration of the US Government by a broad range of individuals who are active agents of a foreign power and who consider themselves above the law —  this is distinct from the Deep State that is focused on Wall Street profits at any cost.

08 As critical as you are of the Deep State and Wall Street, you are also one of the few people talking about Truth & Reconciliation. One of your phrases is “everyone gets the truth, no one goes to jail.” Tell us more.

It is what it is. We can no more turn back the many natural disasters that are the direct result of scientific reductionism than we can turn back the hoards of illegal immigrants that I predicted in my second book in 2002, The New Craft of Intelligence, hoards that are a direct result of predatory capitalism, unilateral militarism, and virtual colonialism. In my view violent revolutions destroy what precious remaining assets we have — while Gandhi and Martin Luther King both said that violence is justified if non-violence does not work, I believe the Internet has changed everything, and we have a greater chance of restoring extreme democracy by popular awakening than every before in history. This boils down to a simple proposition: it is better to make the case to the Rothschilds and their US representatives that they can protect 95% of their wealth by assigning 5% toward more enlightened stewardship of Earth, than risk losing it all, beginning with the assassination of their great grandchildren, grandchilden, and children. Lynn Rothschild, married to ubber-Rothchild Evylyn Rothschild, gets this but lives in an isolated bubble out of touch with reality. She sponsored a conference on Inclusive Capitalism in 2014, and I am seeing more and more signs that the extreme wealthy now realize they are one Tunisian fruit-seller away from losing it all. Truth & Reconciliation is an exit strategy for the Dick Cheney's and Rothschilds of the world. Give us the truth, get out of the way, and keep most of what you have.

09 Israel and Saudi Arabia have both been discussed by many in relation to 9/11. How do you see the role of Israel and its American ally, Project for a New American Century, and how do you see Saudi Arabia and particularly the Saudi passports, as part of all this?

Israel has always treated the US public and  US politicians as “shiksas,” a derogatory term for gentile girls that can be humiliated and abused without mercy because they “don't count.” I was taught this by a member of my tennis team at Muhlenberg College, an orthodox Jew and swordsman first class who explained how he reconciled being a libertine with gentile girls while putting on a huge orthodox appearance. Israel joined in the assassination of JFK (Yitzhak Rabin was in Dallas on the day) because JFK and his brother were about to enforce the registration of organizations receiving funding and guidance from Israel as “agents of a foreign power,” and were also about to stop CIA smuggling of nuclear materials to Israel. Israel (not Jews) has always been the third rail in US politics, partly because Israel is an invented country and the US is actually the host for both Zionist power and fascist power. Israel carried out the USS Liberty atrocity — which LBJ helped cover up — and I am persuaded by Christopher Bollyn's book, Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World, that Israel started planning the 9/11 event in concept in the 1980's, used the Project for a New American Century as a way station, and ultimately sold the idea to Dick Cheney as his “tri-fecta.” There are only nine million Jews in the USA — Israel has power in the USA because of its mastery of blackmail and bribery, not through legitimate means.

The Saudis were supporting actors in all this. While they might have joined with Israel in selling it — there is an extraordinary covert relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel that may be rooted in the Saudis actually being Jews of a sort — by and large the Saudis simply provided passports for a melange of patsies — John Brennan, the alleged Muslim convert today Director of the Central Intelligence Agency was Chief of Station in Saudi Arabia at the time and said to have personally approved all nineteen of the visas for the patsies. While I have no direct knowledge my broad reading suggests that we should not hold Saudi Arabia accountable for 9/11. In my view this is on Dick Cheney, the Bush Family, Rudy Guliani, the Wall Street pedophiles and global criminals that treat us all as expendable cattle, and the most senior US officials, particularly in the FBI, CIA, and the US military, who chose not to blow the whistle and went along — were actively complicit — for varied mis-guided reasons.

10 You published a chapter recently on the Orlando mass casualty event that our listeners can find at You sent a copy of the chapter in draft to the director of the FBI. How do you relate Orlando to 9/11, and why does it matter in relation to public consciousness about 9/11?

The public has no memory and sadly, the attention span of a middle-aged gerbil. 9/11 is “old news” and buried under fifteen years of lies by the mainstream media. Orlando is more immediate. My chapter is the new gold standard for challenging the official narrative.  I identify seventy anomalies across 10 areas of inquiry, and demonstrate — compellingly in my view — that this was a false flag event.

Mateen did not expect to die — he was booked to fly to the West Coast on the 14th; there are records of Mateen being groomed by the Mossad since 2011; the club was not licensed, had eleven parking spaces, and there were no abandoned cars from all the alleged victims; the laughing cop at YouTube is especially telling. The chapter is free online and also a Kindle book, look for The Orlando Mass Casualty Event A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?

I am quite certain that Sandy Hook, the Boston Bombing, and San Bernardino were false flags, with patsies killed by design and the actual shooting in the last case — as with the killing of cops in recent protest events — done by white paramilitary contractors.

11 How is it that no major news organization has dealt with the accumulation of scientific evidence of controlled demolitions or the implications of 9/11 being a false flag operation as a pretext for perpetual wars abroad and erosion of civil liberties at home? 

CIA officials used to brag that they owned every journalist of note. Today the US media is totally owned by a tiny handful of very wealthy interests, and the media is a circus intended to keep us distracted and disorganized. I am quite certain that George Soros among others is funding Black Lives Matters and other elements to recreate a race war, a gender war, and a cultural war against Muslims. What he and his masters — he is nothing more than servant to the Rothschilds — do not want is a class war.  I have written a Kindle Short, Democracy Riots! We are all black now – deal with it! and it is being noticed. The key point is that for the first time, in the aftermath of the government bail out of a criminal banking industry, we the 99% are coming together and realizing that it is all of us against a tiny handful of people whose wealth — including large holdings of land — can be made to vanish overnight if we wish it so.

The media is the first line of defense for the 1%, on top of mediocre schools and water and air and food that is willfully bad for us and reducing our cognitive and critical thinking capabilities.  The one thing we have going for us is that the 22 million veterans and 3 million law enforcement officers are siding with the 99% this time around, and the 1% is now beginning to see that they are extremely exposed. I credit Chris Hedges with at least two seminal works relevant here, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle sets the stage, while Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt is not only a call to arms, but points out that the military and law enforcement are no longer willing to protect the 1% against the 99% — this is huge.

I must mention that the so-called progressive press — Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, Truth Out, Slate, and MSNBC as well as the Huffington Post — are totally captured by the wealthy narrative. I will also note with interest that the Zionists have perfected a means of labeling all critics as spammers, this is a huge step up from their earlier success at labeling critics as anti-Semitic. Being labeled a spammer has no court of appeal — your ability to comment, submit Op Eds, and so on, is blocked forever.  Google is very much a part of this anti-public network of suppression that I consider immoral and anti-intellectual. In this election cycle Google is in massive violation of the law with undeclared campaign contributions to Hillary Clinton running into tens of millions of dollars in tangible value, notably in manipulating search results in her favor and against Donald Trump, while also manipulating spam designations in her favor (her stuff is not spam) and against Donald Trump (all his fund-raising emails default to spam, aided by the stupidity of the Trump team in not honoring unsubscribe requests).

12 What is the culture within intelligence agencies, now that we’ve had 15 years of credible alternative research on 9/11 as well as years of unfolding evidence of a highly orchestrated cover up of what really occurred?

I must emphasize first and foremost, that my colleagues are good people trapped in a bad system.  I am not a whistleblower, only the most published intelligence reformer in the English language, with eight books, two of them with Forewords from US Senators and past Chairmen of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Sadly the culture of government is a go-along to get along budget-building culture, where the focus is on spending money and planning for a post-retirement job among those to whom one has channeled taxpayer funds over the years — the retirement job is a form of legal kick-back scheme (one reason I would prohibit government officials from post-retirement jobs of this nature). The focus is not on the public interest. Most of what we do in government is benign lip service, but in the aggregate, we are choking the economy and undermining society.

It also bears mention that the US secret world is ruthless about repressing dissidents. If you challenge the official narrative you are referred to a “fitness for duty physical” in which they will declare you, without justification, to be mentally unbalanced. You will be fired and declared unemployable by anyone else.

13 What would you tell people in the military and intelligence services to do to expose the reality of 9/11 and help the country end the criminality within these agencies and create a more positive, productive foreign policy? 

Read the Constitution. Do not confuse loyalty with integrity.

14 Are 9/11 Truthers at risk of being assassinated? What advice would you give them all on security?

The short answer is no. We are too unimportant in the larger scheme of things. Medical and environmental activists — and anyone with dirt on Hillary Clinton — are at much greater risk. My basic advice is combine a commitment to the truth with a commitment to reconciliation. No one needs to die or go to jail, let's just agree, as CEO Bob Seelert of Saatchi and Saatchi says,

Until you get the truth on the table,

no matter how ugly it is,

you are not in a position to deal with it.

15 You are 64 years old, with 40 years' service of public service behind you. Let's end with your personal hopes and vision for the future. What do you want to see happen going forward?

I pray that America the Beautiful, and the Average American — that is the title of a great book by Kevin O'Keefe — will rise again. We have all failed in our duty by allowing ourselves to be distracted and to lose sight of the ideals and the values that made America great and can make America great again. I focus on two things: electoral reform, and open source everything engineering.  As I tried to tell Tom Steyer in a memorandum, which is posted online and was evidently blocked from reaching him, there is no issue, including climate change, that will get an honest hearing until we achieve electoral reform and put the public back into public office. The second is how we achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the price — as little as ten percent — from what is calculated now. The industrial-donor program is dysfunctional. The Clintons have misappropriated 90% of all the funds they have collected. Bono only delivers 1% of  the funds he collects to good works. We live in a massive Ponzi scheme — what Jon Rappoport calls “The Matrix,” and it is time we break out of that false reality and assume responsibility for creating our own reality, a reality that for me includes a prosperous world at peace where they are no illegal immigrants because they are all fully employed at home and have not been bombed into the Stone Age by Saudi Arabia, the USA, and others — or in the case of the Palestinians, whom I consider “Ground Zero” for all that is wrong with US foreign policy in support of Israel at any price — fenced in and genocided.

If I cannot do all that — if my country does not want me to impact on the world as a whole — then my fall-back plan is to capture a 51′ sailboat by any legal means possible, and create a non-profit educational offering,, around it, going off the grid, spending my last ten to twenty years helping a few others discover the vast moral and intellectual and physical wealth Earth offers, that the 1% are busy looting because we are not paying attention, while teaching Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to anyone that will listen. I will always be available for public service, but I fear that in the absence of an Electoral Reform Act first in the USA and then everywhere else, the 1% will continue to own governments and pursue strategies that are hostile to the 99% — all we “useless eaters.” “Live long and prosper” is a great saying. “THINK” is better and comes first. We are not thinking in America.

Robert David Steele is a former spy who has actually executed a false flag operation, and he is also the top Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories with hundreds of reviews of books focused on assassination, the deep state, and false flag operations. He is among the very few actually interviewed by the 9/11 Commission, which accepted one of his recommendations on the need for an Open Source Agency. He is also the most published critic of US secret intelligence, with eight books to his credit, two of them with Forewords by US Senators themselves former Chairmen of the Senate Select Committee for Intelligence. Recently he called out the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a certified letter that conveyed an advance copy of his analysis of the Orlando false flag event – his chapter itemizes 70 anomalies that destroy the official narrative and he is on record to the effect that most so-called terrorist events in the USA, including Sandy Hook, Boston, and San Bernardino, are false flag events. Robert has lived all over the world as the son of an oil engineer, as a Marine Corps infantry officer, as a spy, and as the CEO of a company teaching over 7,500 mid-career intelligence officers from over 66 countries, how to do Open Source Intelligence, the faster, better, cheaper alternative to spies and secrecy. His personal website with links to most of his publications free online is

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