Owl: Alt Right = Angry Young Men Who Hate Predatory Liberalism…the Anti-Thesis of Hillary Clinton, the 1%, and Regulatory Bureaucracy

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Who? Who?

The alt-right- is mostly comprised of young guys. That is, what was once something much more straight-forward (pun not intended) – sex, which leads to marriage leads to children leads to community – has become impossible, or close to it, for many of these guys. And as we know since Freud and before, sex is a very, very powerful force that can influence social and political change big-time.  From where they sit, many young women are brain-washed by radical man-hating feminism to one degree or another. Something is happening among young men every MSM pundit completely fails to notice or don't want to, because it will open up lines of discussion that will undermine their globalist narratives.

All the angry young white men

Phi Beta Iota: Black leaders confirm that black men have the same anger about this issue.

Owl adds: Alt-right, whatever its flaws and contradictions, presents a bottom-up challenge to a status quo that since the 18th century Enlightenment has patiently worked to eliminate every vestige of cultural, political, financial, sexual, moral and religious barriers blocking the imposition of a replacement for culture, religion, etc., that ruthlessly magnifies and imposes power and control of the elite over the entire human race and planet at every level of life, whether public or private, whether human or non-human. Nothing less than total domination of the human and world sphere is their ultimate objective. They see themselves as the functional replacement of God, and are prepared to discharge their duties like Satan, with no mercy, no justice.

Phi Beta Iota: This issue can be viewed at three levels.

First, Owl is correct — the 1% are doing everything in their power to divide and conquer the 99%, using race, gender, and other forms of theatrical and ideological distraction — as well as outright lies with the full complicity of the US  Government and the media and the silent complicity of academics that know better but fear for their jobs (losing tenure over 9/11 as an inside job, for example).

Second, there is a massive failure of all institutions across society that normally provide some semblance of balance. From families to schools to labor unions to religions to government, We the People are being left adrift, not being provided with the “continuity of operations” that a strong culture can provide.

Third, gays, lesbians, transgenders, are all a tiny minority. These issues are irrelevant in relation to the larger issue of whether the US Government should be abolished for failing to live up to the Constitution. Electoral Reform is the main event — everything else is a distraction from the main event.

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