Chuck Spinney: Andrew Cockburn on US Complicity in Saudi Genocide Across Yemen (Let’s Add to Saudi Funding of Clinton-CIA Creation of ISIS to Take Down Syria for Saudi Pipeline…)

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

Below is a stunning report describing the Saudi slaughter in Yemen and the U.S. culpability in abetting this slaughter.  This story is written by Andrew Cockburn, a good friend (caveat emptor: I am biased). Yemen has a population of almost 27 million, making it the seventh largest of the 22 Arab countries, exceeding the population of Syria (23 million).   And as Andrew shows in excruciating detal, the slaughter in Yemen is on a par with that in Syria, Iraq, or Libya.  Yet this catastrophe remains little known to the average American.  Nevertheless, as Andrew also shows, the American government, acting in the name of the American people, is complicit in creating the Yemeni horror — while American arms manufacturers are reaping billions in profits and bureaucrats and generals are landing lucrative post retirement jobs. I urge readers to carefully study Andrew's devastating report. Chuck Spinney

Acceptable Losses

Aiding and abetting the Saudi slaughter in Yemen

By Andrew Cockburn, Harpers, September 2016

The best answer I got came from Ted Lieu, a Democratic congressman from California who has been one of the few public officials to speak out about the devastation we were enabling far away. “Honestly,” he told me, “I think it’s because Saudi Arabia asked.”

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