Donald Trump: I Quit!

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Michael Moore: Trump does not want to be president

The documentary-maker claims a source told him that Donald Trump only ran as a negotiating tactic for his TV work and has been ‘surprised’ by his own success.

“Maybe the meltdown of the past three weeks was no accident,” writes Moore. “Maybe it’s all part of his new strategy to get the hell out of a race he never intended to see through to its end anyway.”

Moore finally suggests that Trump would give up the Republican nomination rather than lose on election night.

“Trust me, I’ve met the guy. Spent an afternoon with him,” he writes. “He would rather invite the Clintons AND the Obamas to his next wedding than have that scarlet letter (“L”) branded on his forehead seconds after the last polls have closed on that night.”

ORIGINAL ESSAY: Is Trump Purposely Sabotaging His Campaign?

Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

ROBERT STEELE: One day after my post appeared in its original form at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, Michael Moore dropped his bombshell report,”Is Trump Purposely Sabotaging His Campaign?” I am inclined to believe there is something to Moore's commentary BUT my best counterintelligence guy says a team with $20B to spend on a bribe would have some big thinkers that would have had this story ready to drop if needed. My post was first  This also qualifies as a brilliant PSYOP that will prick Donald Trump's bubble a bit.  It never occurred to me that Donald Trump would fear a general election against such a weak candidate as Hillary Clinton. I believe that Donald Trump could and should render a national service by going the distance — Gary Johnson is nice, but will not beat Hillary Clinton, only Donald Trump can beat Hillary Clinton and force through — with Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Rand Paul — an Electoral Reform Act of 2016. Donald Trump can still win this, but he needs to open up to Cynthia McKinney, among others.

Newsflash for Donald Trump: The only thing sadder than a loser is a quitter, and the only thing worse than a quitter is one who fails to realize they could have won by listening to others.

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