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The ISIS war has a new commander — and ISIS may be the least of his worries (Andrew Tilghman, Military Times, 21 August 2016)

With the appointment of LtGen Stephen Townsend, USA, as the new commander for the war on ISIS, the US enters a new stage of deception and denial in the months preceding the election.

ISIS was created by Saudi Arabia with the explicit concurrence and active complicity of the USA and Israel, and more recently, with very important support from disenfranchised elements in Iraq and the Presidential family in Turkey. ISIS for Saudi Arabia is a means of destroying Syria so Saudi Arabia can take over the land it has long wanted for a pipeline to the northwest (also with US complicity, Saudi Arabia is destroying Yemen for a second pipeline to the southeast).

ISIS for Israel is a means of further Balkanizing the Middle East and continuing to draw the USA into the quagmire. ISIS for the USA is strategic political theater to keep the Global War on Terror (GWOT) alive — and a tactical means of regime change explicitly embraced by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after Saudi Arabia donated tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and the underlying foundation for destroying Libya and creating the CIA ratline for weapons from Libya to ISIS that included the Benghazi calamity.

The solution to ISIS is political, informational, economic, and military — it is also multinational. Such a solution will require new forms of near real time as well as historical multinational open source intelligence that the US and European national and defense intelligence communities are incapable of producing.The solution will require a regional employment agency and a regional water authority as well as a regional resettlement plan funded by the Europeans relying heavily on Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to achieve free energy and unlimited desalinated water. It will require ruthless counterintelligence against Israel and Saudi Arabia. It will require an entente with Iran and Russia as well as Syria. Most of all, it will require that the US military demand of its civilian “leaders” orders that are Constitutional – ethical and legal.

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