Marcus Aurelius: Hillary Kills Again! Executed Iranian Spying for USA Named in Unprotected Clinton Emails

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Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Hillary Kills Again!

Oh My: Executed Iranian Nuclear Scientist Was Named in Hillary's Emails

How Amiri was exposed as a spy is still unclear, especially since he was praised by the Iranian government just a few years ago, but according to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton his name was mentioned multiple times in emails by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her private, unsecured email server.

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Phi Beta Iota: No question, she has killed people in multiple ways. We continue to believe that the greater crime has been her direct sale of US blood, treasure, and spirit to the Saudis and others in return for cash donations to the Clinton Foundation. That is what is to be found in the “missing” 30,000 emails that NSA, Israel, and the Russians have in hand and that the FBI is pretending it cannot access.

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