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Jews are not the enemy. This is a useful breakdown from a top Asian gold expert based in Singapore.

Below is a break-down we use to analyze the influence of Jews within the USA, stressing two points: first, the top level is not Jewish — it contains wealthy Jews but it is not inherently Jewish. Second, there is no difference between the Saudi Arabian royal family and the Zionist leadership — both are Jewish in their roots and both are committed to the destabilization of the Middle East and the subversion of the United States, for their respective benefits, at any cost. I include an excerpt from Benjamin Fulford whom we follow, as context.

A LEVEL: Rothschild Family and its assigns. A dozen true leaders, a couple of hundred of what your Italian mafia would call trusted consigliere — including many Vatican archbishops and bishops — and up to a million very well paid centurions and retainers.

B LEVEL: The Saudi Royal Family and the Zionist leadership of Israel as led today by Benjamin Netanyahu. Both have strong fascist overtones and consider humans to be disposable pawns. This level includes very wealthy Christian fundamentalists who seek the apocalypse in their lifetime.

C LEVEL: The Mossad and the professional class not only in Israel but around the world. Includes many dual-nationality citizens, especially in Germany, France, and the United States, who often betray their country for a “higher purpose” but who are not inherently evil as individuals. Includes what the Mossad calls “sayonim,” Jews from any given country who will render assistance — either confidential information when asked or a safehouse or loaned car or whatever is needed including an alibi — but who are not inherently against their own country.

D LEVEL: Normal Jews around the world, including the nine million in the United States that have no political influence of their own. It is Saudi Arabia and Israel — a very odd couple indeed — using blackmail and bribery, that exerts influence over US politicians and private sector leaders, not the Jewish consumer or voter.

A comment on the idea that Donald Trump is part of the answer as put forward below by Benjamin Fulford. Donald Trump has shown no signs of being able to put together a winning team and he seems to have no understanding of the complexities of the modern world. He has tactical brilliance and lacks strategic understanding — from where we sit, Donald Trump's concept of long-term thinking is tomorrow's news cycle. There is no difference between his advisors and those who advise Hillary Clinton — all are part of the US 1% who embrace Khazarian mafia direction, LEVEL A above. He is too easily bribed and threatened by powers he cannot yet comprehend. We see a major financial collapse coming in the USA, and it may be this collapse, not the current election cycle, that finally energizes the US public into taking power back to the community level.

Benjamin Fulford excerpt;

“The members of this group are descended from a tribe of pastoralists known as the Hyksos who mastered the art of enslaving humans many thousands of years ago. They do this by controlling their food and information supply and by monopolizing organized violence (armies, police, secret services etc.). The real reason they wanted to kill 90% of the population was that they were afraid of losing control over the planet as groups like the Chinese, the Muslims and the Hindus, who were not under their control, grew in population and power.

“The Hyksos worship a goat faced being with a forked tail known over the ages by such names as Set, Baal, Marduk, Lucifer, Satan etc. They also practice human sacrifice, sometimes on a vast scale, such as in an engineered World War. There are probably no more than one million members of this group but they occupy controlling positions in many institutions of government, finance, religion, media etc. throughout the world. Many of them are erroneously labelled as Jews. To protect innocent people, we call them the Khazarian mafia. The top members of this group now have a one ton bounty on each of their heads and their names have been publicly listed up.

“The main factions opposing this group in the Western world are the Christians, members of the Jewish faith who worship Yahweh, as well as atheists who believe only in the Golden Rule.

“The elite members of this group tried to stop the planned massacre of “useless eaters” by proposing a carbon tax to raise funds to pay poor countries to preserve and expand their forests. The top people behind the global warming faction were from members of European aristocratic and royal families who supported Christian as opposed to Satanic ideals. They lost the power struggle in 2000 when their man Al Gore had the Presidential election stolen from him. The main problem with this group was that they created a lie about carbon-caused global warming to promote their tax. Their carbon trading scheme was also riddled with fraud.

“Nonetheless, this group has considerable power exercised through the non-Satanic part of the Freemasons together with the element of the Catholic Church who had not been taken over by the Satanists. This group managed to replace Pope Benedict XVI in 2013. His replacement, Pope Francis, immediately began purging the Catholic Church of pedophiles, cleaned up the Vatican bank and reached deals with Cuba and Columbia to stop the flow of drug money to the Bush/Nazi faction of the CIA. There is talk of Francisco’s involvement in Argentina’s dirty war but so far his actions show he is trying to do good.

However, the leadership group that put Francis in power is still pushing for world domination through a carbon tax controlled and collected in secret by them. They will not succeed with this scam because it is based on lies and remains fraudulent.

“The group behind Francis is also pushing to have Donald Trump elected as President of the United States. If they succeed, Trump will start arresting many of the top bosses of the Khazarian mafia inside the US.

“Working in harmony with these forces is the Red and Blue from Asia and their White Dragon Society allies.

“The Khazarians have now been reduced to a few pockets of control in Washington DC, New York, Saudi Arabia, Israel and a few rogue states.

“If the Asians and their WDS allies make a big push it could be game over for the Khazarians and their ancient rule of terror and slavery as early as this year. Ending their rule would be one of the biggest events in human history during the past thousands of years. It could lead to world peace and an era of unparalleled prosperity.

“This years’ autumn campaign will be one of the most important yet in this long hybrid war for control of the planet. This time real and total victory is a very realistic possibility. If everybody does their part we will be able to soon start a new age, a golden age, an age of wonder.”

Phi Beta Iota: First, in addition to the White Dragon Society, there is a China-Russia axis, with Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, South Africa, and Turkey having varying roles, hoping to bring down the Western 1% elite rooted in and controlled by the Rothschilds. They share the common goal of knocking the US dollar out as the core currency, and ending US fiat currency and debt based subversion of the global economy. We have no direct knowledge but we do sense a global shift coming.  In our view, we are at the end of times, but in a manner different than conceptualized by the fundamentalist Christians that have chosen to align themselves with the Zionists in search of Apocalypse Now. We have reached the tipping point, the end of the road, for the combination of concentated wealth, corrupt government serving the few, and scientific reductionism that eschews holistic analytics and true cost economics. You cannot screw 99% of the public 99% of the time and survive. The US Government “bail out” of the banks “too big to fail” combined with how the US Government (led by Bill and Hillary Clinton when the did the Crime Act, NAFTA, and Wall Street deregulation) let millions fry in the mortgage scam, was the eye opener for the US public — the coming financial collapse could lead to a nation-wide debt jubilee and expulsion of all absentee landlords, the eviction of the federal government from all states (i.e. an end to federal ownership of anything), and a call for a Constitutional Convention that would, among other things, ratify the 1st and 2nd amendments, overturn the 14th and 17th amendments, and end the power of the federal government in relation to citizens, regulation, and taxation — the United STATES of America need a small federal administrative service funded by the States, not an imperial power able to loot the states and the citizens with impunity.


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