Robert Steele: Cracks in Official Narratives — Smerconish Threatens Guliani and GOP “You Go After Clinton’s Health, We’ll Go After 9/11 As An Inside Job”

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

I have just watched Michael Smerconish threaten Rudy Guliani and the Republican Party on CNN. It was, in one word, FASCINATING! Reading between the lines, Michael Smeronish has opened the door for a complete fracturing of the official two-party narrative that keeps 70% of the public disenfranchised and 99% of the public ill-informed and enslaved. Consider:

01 The issue was Rudy Guliani's straight-forward expression of concern on television about Hillary Clinton's health. Guliani challenged listeners to look up < Clinton illness > (a better search term is < Clinton health >. Even Google, which is providing massive illegal campaign contributions to the Clinton campaign in the way of both search bias for Clinton and against Trump, as well as spam bias for Clinton and against Trump, cannot repress the depth and breadth of valid reports on Clinton's blood clots, blood thinners, and high probability of future comas if not death.

02 The threatened counter-attack was to urge listener's to go on the Internet and look up < 9/11 inside job >. Michael Smerconish is one of the most intelligent prepared commentators on national television and the web. He is also one of the most unethical — he is not stupid. He knows exactly what went down on 9/11 so this is for me, reading between the lines, solid evidence that the two-party tyranny has the same deal on 9/11 that they had on Iran-Contra when John Kerry covered everything up at the request of the Republican Party via the Democratic Party leadership. As with the theft of the election in 2000 from Al Gore, as with 9/11 as an inside job, as with Republicans not attacking Democrats on the  Crime Bill, on Glass-Steagall, on NAFTA and TPP — all of these high crimes and misdemeanors have been condoned and covered up by the Democrats in co-conspiracy with the Republicans.

03 Hillary Clinton's health — to which I would add Hillary Clinton's past as co-president throwing Al Gore out of the VP offices in OEOB, Hillary Clinton's role in the Crime Bill that has must more black people in jail than there were slaves at the beginning of the Civil War; Hillary Clinton's role in NAFTA; Hillary Clinton's role in the Clinton Foundation that has evidently committed massive multi-billion dollar wire and solicitation fraud and demonstrably mis-appropriated 90% of the funds while also enabling Hillary Clinton to commit treason by selling US blood, treasure, and spirit to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Goldman Sachs and others — all of this is supposed to be “within the bounds of reasonable dishonesty” and off-limits to insiders who by virtue of being insiders, agree to contain their attacks on one another.

The efforts to discount Guliani by claiming he is relying on videos are deception. The facts are clear from Clinton's history of publicly documented falls, treatment for blood clots, public signs of physical instabilty (inability to maintain balance unassisted), and more. A clever Trump — if he really wanted  to win — would be moving heaven and earth to get a urine sample, we know how to do that covertly.

By the by, since Trump is allegedly an anti-establishment candidate (but surrounded by Zionists and Wall Street magnates), going after 9/11 as an inside job would out Dick Cheney and the neoconservatives, but not derail Donald Trump — the “real” Donald Trump is already aware of the false flag issue and the probability that 9/11 was an inside job, he has been holding back, perhaps by prior agreement with Dick Cheney as well as the Rothschilds.

And that leads to the other aspect of all this. Guliani, like most others, is probably not privy to any side deals that Donald Trump has made with the Rothschilds (Lynn Rothschild being the primary political actor in  the US, deeply committed to electing Hillary Clinton as “Her Royal Highness” whatever the cost). Al Gore was bought for $100 million. For Donald Trump, whose net worth is probably $5B but he claims $10B, an easy to arrive at number for “the deal of a lifetime” is $20B. This is chump change for the Rothschilds. It is a rounding error is  their profits from manipulating foreign exchange or interest rates around the world. So what we have in addition to the potential fracturing of the two-party narrative, is the glaring possibility that within the GOP, most surrogates trying to help elect Donald Trump are not aware that The Donald has already made “the deal of a lifetime” (if you can live with such perfidy) and agreed to throw the race by any means necessary to as to enable Hillary Clinton to win with electoral fraud and the active complicity of Donald Trump. As an intelligence professional who is quite certain that neither Trump nor his staff are as stupid as many believe, this is for me the only reasonable explanation for why Donald Trump has on the one hand been so good at gutting the Republican Party, and so bad at destroying Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. He made the deal. Prove it ain't so, Donald. Please.

The Art of the Trump – Rothschild Deal?

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