Robert Steele: Has Trump Accepted A $20B Bribe From Lynn Rothschild To Throw The Election? UPDATE 15

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Robert David Steele


FINAL UPDATE: Donald Trump won. He was not supposed to win, but in the final days the electronic fraud used by Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders across multiple states was partially blocked, resulting in both a stunning upset against Hillary Clinton, and retention of the House and Senate under Republican majorities. It remains to be seen if Trump will fix the rigged system — an Electoral Reform Act is a no brainer, but you have to want to restore integrity to the system. Hillary Clinton remains under investigation for pedophilia, electoral fraud, treason, and charity fraud. One day we will learn if there were side deals.

Trump’s Victory Should Not Obfuscate Election Fraud

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UPDATE 14: As of 7 November 2016, the day before Election Day USA, we believe that not only is  Donald Trump throwing the race, pulling his punches, and complicit in the pre-planned coronation of Hillary Clinton with a rigged 2% win, but we believe the Republican National Committee (RNC) is complicit as well (and Fox News is playing out the false narrative). Trump will get several billion from the Rothschilds and be allowed to live. The RNC appears to be getting several additional Governor “wins” that are being arranged with the same electronic fraud that Hillary Clinton used to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

In passing, Benjamin Fulford offers this today: The cabal will be defeated no matter who wins the US presidential farce. A new website has been established, Gold War, and will over the next few weeks begin loading raw documentation from the original Gold Warriors book up to today's Chinese-led Global (Gold) Collateral Accounts actions that will bury Western banks starting with Deutche Bank and Citi.

UPDATE 13: Trump is throwing the race. Hillary Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin are clearly indictable for treason (selling out to Saudi Arabia and Qatar); Hillary Clinton is also indictable for election fraud as documented by Stanford University; and for massive charity fraud as well as probable pedophilia. We may be headed toward multiple forms of Constitutional crisis, in part because Donald Trump appears to be throwing the race; in part because James Comey sacrificed his integrity in July when he should indicted her; in part because the best of the emails only recently came to light. Trump is refusing to accuse Clinton of treason; refusing to be specific about her known theft of the nomination from Bernie Sanders; and refusing to commit to an Electoral Reform Act and a debt jubilee that would in combination easily win over a sufficiency of Independents to carry the day.

See UPDATE 12 for the linked references.

UPDATE 12: As of 6 November 2016 Donald Trump is still pulling his punches. He had very strangely refused to go public with the now documented fact that Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders with electronic voting machine fraud, and plans to use the same methods to steal the election from Donald Trump. Trump's denunciation of the system as “rigged” are infantile in its simplicity — he refuses to itemize the twelve ways the system is rigged (they have been brought to his attention many times over the past twelve months). Trump is not calling for an Electoral Reform Act — the surest way to win over Independents and small parties in the final stretch, while he is also refusing to address individual and small business debt renunciation or renegotiation. On 1 November 2016 the pre-planned fraudulent vote counts declaring Hillary Clinton the winner were found on an NBC affiliate's computer — and Donald Trump remains silent. To their credit FBI Director James Comey and Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange continue to demonstrate integrity, at the same time that the NYPD had captured a computer with 650,000 emails that show clear evidence of both treason and fraud on the part of all of the Clintons and their top staffer, Huma Abedin, who appears to be a Saudi/Israeli mole (controlled clandestine agent).

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UPDATE 11: Now that Gary Johnson has self-destructed (all those years as a doper cannot be overcome by his current fitness craze) and Jill Stein is seen for the annoying gadfly that she is (and a vandal as well), it's down to Clinton winning with a combination of electronic fraud and Donald Trump taking a deliberate dive. Trump's performance in the first debate suggests that he has decided he does not want to be president — having to show up for work every day and actually deal with public issues is not fun — and he is throwing the race. Trump is not stupid, far from it. He is also vastly more personable and down to earth in person. What we appear to be seeing is a calculated performance intended to help Hillary Clinton win an election that by all rights should have been won by Bernie Sanders running with Cynthia McKinney and a Coalition cabinet.

Mongoose: Hillary Clinton Electoral Fraud Confirmed by Stanford University — Bernie Sanders Won…

Donald Trump's current plan of “winning white” is not good enough. He has failed time and again to connect authentically with Latinos, people of color, single moms, and young kids with worthless college degrees and tons of debt. The good news for Republicans is that if it is certain that Hillary Clinton will win, it is equally certain that both Houses will retain Republican majorities to protect us from the most criminal presidency since Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed the office after aiding and abetting the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

UPDATE 10: NYT says Hillary Clinton has an 88% chance of winning as of today (25 Aug). I agree with this based on Donald Trump taking a deliberate dive and assuming Hillary Clinton does not suffer a blood clot coma on stage between now and November. . Have conceptualized a new fund-raising coin for Gary Johnson — both sides have Trump's head, one side says LOSER and the other side says QUITTER.

Trump Coin LabeledImage Credit (Less Red): Long-Stanton Manufacturing

Hillary Clinton has an 88% chance of winning the presidency.

UPDATE 9: One day after my post appeared in its original form at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, Michael Moore dropped his bombshell report,”Is Trump Purposely Sabotaging His Campaign?” I am inclined to believe there is something to Moore's commentary BUT my best counterintelligence guy says a team with $20B to spend on a bribe would have some big thinkers that would have had this story ready to drop if needed. My post was first.  This also qualifies as a brilliant PSYOP that will prick Donald Trump's bubble a bit. Hopefully Trump understands that the only thing sadder than a loser is a quitter, and the only thing worse than a quitter is someone who could have won but chickened out because they could not listen to others.

As a senior intelligence professional with over 40 years' experience including experience across most of the national intelligence committees and as the senior civilian responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), I am trained to balance available evidence with speculative hypotheses.

For over a year Donald Trump has been brilliant at subverting the Republican Party, and — at first, second, and third glance — self-destructive at every turn in terms of winning the general election. He has for over a  year blown off multiple high-dollar donors, black leaders, Latino leaders, and youth leaders. Dr. Cynthia McKinney, one of my favorite people, is representative of the very high quality high relevance individuals that Trump refuses to speak to.

Below is a summary of a conversation I have had with some “top guns” across the retired senior intelligence officer corps that I continue to admire, updated in the aftermath of the recent “doubling down” by Trump on the assumption that he can attract and win with every pissed off white guy making less than $250K a year. The first graphic is our score card for the Donald Trump campaign as of 20 August 2016.

As of 20 August 2016 Trump will lose. He will be held under 200 EV, losing safe red states such as AZ and GA, and failing to flip OH, MI, PA, and WI. If he works with Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Rand Paul to enact the Electoral Reform Act, he stops Hillary Clinton's massive electronic and mail-in ballot fraud but it is still a toss-up. If he champions Independents, Libertarians, Greens, and others for the 20-30 vacated seats, and funds a massive voter mobilization from among the 100 million who have dropped out, he wins. Odds of Trump getting the message and listening are about 20%.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

It is a fact that the National Security Agency (NSA) has the 30,000 “missing” emails from Hillary Clinton's private server that was established explicitly to hide the “Pay for Play” emails showing how she sold Libya to the French, Syria and Yemen to the Saudis, and vastly more to Goldman Sachs and others who have benefited from US blood, treasure, and spirit spent by the Obama Administration at the behest of the former Secretary of State and with the active engagement of John Brennan, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and perhaps an outright Saudi “agent of influence.”

It is a fact that Hillary Clinton stole multiple primary elections from Bernie Sanders via electronic fraud now certified by Stanford University, and plans to do the same against Donald Trump using methods detailed for the public by Jon Rappoport.

It is a fact that five key people associated with pending legal actions against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have died in the past seven weeks.

It is a fact that the Clinton Foundation principals are indictable for wire and security fraud and have misappropriated 90% of the funds they have collected from foreign governments – especially Saudi Arabia – and Wall Street financial interests.  Only 10% of “donated” funds are spent on charitable purposes – perhaps because Hillary Clinton is “earning” the other 90% through quid pro quo criminal acts including sponsoring US acts of war not approved by Congress?

We hear virtually nothing from Donald Trump on this — no public demand for NSA to turn over the emails to the FBI for evaluation; no joint lawsuit with Bernie Sanders or call for electoral reform to at least end electronic electoral fraud in November; no use of the now very popular social media meme, “Hillary Kills Again!”

There are two schools of thought about the current collapse of the Donald Trump campaign for the presidency.

One school of thought — the one favored by the smart connected money — is that Lynn Rothschild has made Trump an offer he could not refuse: $20B to disrupt the GOP nomination process and if nominated, to throw the race by any means necessary so that Hillary Clinton can be crowned “Her Royal Highness” as Maureen Down has so elegantly hinted in her recent New York Times article, The Perfect G.O.P. Nominee.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Combined with the Clinton ability to subvert the US Government (Barack Obama may have been promised a nomination to be a Supreme Court Justice, and perhaps even Chief Justice after Roberts gets an offer he cannot refuse, to retire; the Attorney General and the FBI Director are simply owned by the Clintons and the Rothschilds); and the Clinton ability to use the same electronic voting fraud against Trump  that she used against Bernie Sanders (as confirmed by Stanford University, with additional details from Jon Rappoport), this is the most logical explanation for Trump blowing an almost certain landslide against Clinton.

Historical note: Sidney Blumenthal was in the room in 2000 when Warren Christopher relayed the bribe offer to Al Gore from Wall Street. The words Sid has used to sum up that offer to others are reproduced, third hand, below:

Al, if you fight this, you will never get another corporate speaking fee in your lifetime. But if you accept it as being within the bounds of “reasonable dishonesty” then I expect you will be worth $100 million in a few years.

And so it came to pass. Greg Palast broke the Florida theft story three months in advance of election day — not only was Gore a dullard in not comprehending the service that Palast had done — it was published in The Observer (UK) because all the complicit — which is to say, deeply controlled and unethical — US media outlets refused to inform the US public about this — but he ultimately was himself complicit in electoral fraud easily proven in court had Al Gore the balls to go to court. This is the lesson Blumenthal took from Florida — that complicity from the other side could be bought. Palast's book tells the larger tale: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. Today Blumenthal is Hillary Clinton's most trusted advisor for dirty tricks and other high crimes and misdemeanors, all “business as usual” in the uncommonly murderous Clinton dynasty.

The other school of thought, one not necessarily favored by the best analysts, but offered up by the best analysts to serve as an alternative explanation against which to measure the first school of thought, is summarized below:

Never discount the fact that many people are really stupid and sometimes events take over the evolution (as in WWI) … and bully-boy Trump, who is a silver spoon baby may be one of the really stupid.  Also, the sound-byte addicted press needed a feeding frenzy during the primaries and particularly in the boring Republican primary circus (Trump excepted) … and Trump instinctively went for the Kleig lights (which he evidently has an animal sense for), sensed a formula worked and he created the firestorm that now has a life of its own and is  now coming back to bite him in the ass.  It may get much worse, once he realizes it is hopeless and the crazy behavior will be reinforced, if only for ego reasons.  I don’t know if there is anything to any of this, my only point is to suggest an alternative explanation.

The middle ground between these two possibilities starts with the Trump ego and his never expecting to hit the public nerve at the same time that his mostly mediocre Republican counterparts turned off the real-world base. His campaign staff was worthless from day one — Roger Stone, while useful, has not been in the front ranks for some time and quit (or was fired) early on when Trump refused to consider the most basic campaign strategy. Corey Lewandowski is simply a youthful jerk and bully who sucked up to Trump in the past and was confident that sucking up again would be a substitute for actually knowing anything useful.

The middle ground recognizes that Trump has deep brilliance and a tactical agility unmatched by most others. He also has huge warts. He moves in relatively small circles — he lives in a bubble — and when the time came for him to choose advisors he was convinced he did not need, he did the equivalent of throwing darts at a television set. His policy staff is infantile and shallow — they have no idea what a holistic analytic model is, could not define true cost economics if their life depended on it, and have probably never heard of the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax.

The middle ground assumes that the people Trump has advising him are too stupid (or have sold out to Clinton) to conceptualize the below play for the 70% who are disenfranchised now but could be re-engaged and brought back into the fold.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Trump's choices for nominal Cabinet positions have been poor (evidently no one is enforcing the law at this point in time, no jobs can be promised in advance of election day, something both campaigns have done) — his choice of Paul Manafort as the new campaign manager was ill-advised and now that we know the Ukrainians paid Manafort $12.7 million in cash that he probably did not declare to the IRS, there is every reason for Trump to  have dismiss Manafort [this has since come to pass]  — who may be working for Clinton and Wall Street rather than Trump — and start over. His campaign really is a mess, the NYT got the basics right.

As a small case in point, Trump's fund-raising, form emails, and web management are the most incompetent I have seen in my lifetime. The emails are stupid and the web managers refuse to respect “unsubscribe” requests to the point that Trump is now sharing mailing lists with other organizations that are perhaps 60% “dirty.” This makes it easy for Google to continue violating the law, rendering financially valuable support — undeclared campaign contributions — to the Clinton campaign; just as Google has manipulated search results in favor of Clinton and against Trump, so also is Google manipulating spam management in favor of Clinton and against Trump.

On a positive note, the middle ground acknowledges that Trump may have better intelligence about the very high chances that Hillary Clinton will drop dead or go into a coma from a blood clot or the rat poison (Coumadin also known as Warfarin) she is taking to thin her blood. He may also have better intelligence about the possibility that an October surprise will bury Clinton (the 30,000 emails showing quid pro quo bribery via the Clinton Foundation — NSA has all of these emails and appears to be withholding them for future blackmail purposes) and perhaps Obama as well (a financial collapse such as he has been desperately trying to stave off while lying to the public about unemployment, inflation, and other economic factors).

Russ Verney, Ross Perot's campaign manager, is available, and there are a number of other stars — Ed Rollins comes to mind — that could render stellar service in the final stretch. What Trump has not done is create a team for campaigning into every demographic, not just the “likely” voters where money and fraud will sway — Dr. Cynthia McKinney should certainly be part of that team, and offers that cannot be refused should be made to others shown below — nor has he demonstrated the ability to create a team for governing — a full up Cabinet able to create a balanced budget in advance of Election Day, something Hillary Clinton will absolutely refuse to do and Trump's current melange cannot do (this becomes both legal and mandatory under the Electoral Reform Act of 2016).

Slide3 How Trump Can Win Team of Rivals
Click on Image to Enlarge

The question that is on my mind, since I have been been trying to help Trump since August 2015, is this: have the linked items below ever been brought to Trump's attention?

2016 August 11: Robert Steele: How Trump Can Win

2016 August 8: Cynthia McKinney: New Video, 2:03 #NeverHillary

2016 June 3: Robert Steele: We Are All Black Now, Deal With It! — An Open Letter to Donald J. Trump

2016 April 29: On Alex Jones: Cynthia McKinney & Robert Steele Talking About Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

2016 March 16: . REVOLUTION!: How Donald Trump Can Win and Govern by Championing Electoral Reform, a Coalition Cabinet, a Balanced Budget, and a Constitutional Convention in 2018

2015 August 14: Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win

2015 July 21: 2016: How Trump Can Win

If so, and he blew them off, then the second explanation comes to the fore — stupid is as stupid does. If, however, he never saw these — if his staff that refused to answer the phone, return emails, or answer certified postal deliveries is to blame — then we have to ask, has the Clinton campaign totally penetrated his campaign to the point they can filter his mail and block not just good ideas but high-dollar donors from connecting with Trump?

Has Trump been handicapped at every step of the way, at multiple levels in multiple manners?

Or has Trump been a paid side show from the beginning, much as Bernie Sanders has been a known sheep-dog for Hillary Clinton from day one?

In the next three weeks before Congress returns on 6 September 2016,  Trump has a chance to show that he is not owned by Lynn Rothschild (“the deal of a lifetime” if you can live with yourself). He can meet with Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Rand Paul to launch a campaign for an Electoral Reform Act to be introduced and passed in September; launch a campaign to engage the public in choosing a Fantasy Cabinet and developing a balanced budget; launch a fund-raising campaign to put Independents and small party members into the 20-30 vacated seats in Congress; invite Mark Levin to moderate a virtual Constitutional Convention in Texas (or maybe Florida?) to get the entire country re-engaged; and finally, commit to honoring Instant Run-Off results that will allow the public to vote their conscience for president, while also having second and third choices that tally into a true majority selection.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

We all have brains. Some of us have balls. Very very few have imagination. Between now and the 6th of September, we will find out if Trump can rise to the moment. This election is still Trump's to lose.  If he has not sold out to the Rothschilds and Clinton, he has three weeks to re-connect with his integrity — in the larger holistic sense of the word — and save the Republic.

SIDE NOTE: Super rich people are not stupid, just insular. The easiest way to understand this is to read the utterly superb Mother Jones article on Daniel Elsberg lecturing Henry Kissinger on how all his top secret / sensitive comparmented information would isolate him and mislead him.

The danger is, you’ll become something like a moron. You’ll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they may have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours.

Me? I am confused. Will the real Donald Trump please stand up for us all?

Robert Steele was one of three accepted candidates for the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2012, creating We the People Reform Coalition. A Reagan Republican, he joined the Libertarian Party spiritually in 1997 and officially in 2009. He has since focused on championing the non-partisan twelve-point Electoral Reform Act. His most important political publication is Democracy Riots! We are all black now – deal with it!. For other non-partisan political reform publications see Kindle Shorts and Books. His personal web site is

UPDATE 1: Two excellent countervailing views were sent to me immediately after this posted. I hold both possibilities in equal regard and embrace them as worthy of being co-equal to the theories I have posted above. If Clinton drops out for a mix of health-indictability reasons and Joe Biden comes in as the anointed substitute with a female vice president, ideally one of color, this will slam Trump. By the same token, nothing in my write-up was intended to suggest that Trump does not have a lot going for him — but realistically, he not only needs 7 out of 10 white men to vote for him, he needs half of the disenfranchised people of color as well as Latinos, single moms, unemployed youth, and destitute elderly as well, and he has done nothing at all to go after those demographics. The two new sources, and four Wild Card possibilities, are provided at the link below.

Yoda: Trump Will Win, Clinton Will Lose? But What If…

UPDATE 2: Trump's family is reported to be considering this post. I hope so. The worst mistake they could make — a mistake Trump himself makes quite often — is to think that the slightest criticism of Trump is a sign that one is in  “the enemy camp.” The links above show a record from July 2015 — one year and one month ago. It's never too late to add reinforcements.

UPDATE 3: I love my Trumpsters. Patriots to the last drop of whiskey. Many of them — they all have my email — have blasted me for not “getting” that Trump is winning the social media battlefield.  This is true. What is also true is that only 22% of eligible voters use social media for political purposes, and Trump is not resonating with the other 78% that do not use social media for political purpose or with the estimated 50% of eligible voters that do not use social media at all.  Trump can still win this, but not on his present course with his present team.

UPDATE 4: Super rich people are not stupid, just insular. The easiest way to understand this is to read the utterly superb Mother Jones article on Daniel Elsberg lecturing Henry Kissinger on how all his top secret / sensitive comparmented information would isolate him and mislead him.

The danger is, you'll become something like a moron. You'll become incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they may have in their particular areas that may be much greater than yours.

UPDATE 5: Trump has restructured his “staff” and doubled-down on suck-ups  that tell him what he wants to hear. He can still win this, but only if he expands his range and embraces the earnests suggestions in each of the other three quadrants of the graphic shown below, details in the graphics and many links above — for over a year Donald Trump has either been living in a bubble controlled by others, or obstinately refusing to create a team with substance.

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

Trump Takes a Dive – Round 3

UPDATE 6: Main body revised to conform to update posted at LinkedIn along with below two posts covering material the Trump campaign staff and his so-called advisors are incapable of grasping.

Robert Steele: Grand Strategy – No Candidate Is Serious

Robert Steele: Government Policy Primer

UPDATE 7: The evidence is mounting that Trump and his campaign are throwing the race.  Is Trump the new Bernie?

When Trump doesn’t love you back

UPDATE 8: Added fact paragraph on Clinton Foundation crimes.

UPDATE 9: Hats off to Michael Moore, who claims at least one source close to Trump, for this one. Trump has not quit — he regrets accepting the nominations (way cooler would have been nominating John Kasich) and is now in agony over the possibility of losing. He is not thinking clearly about winning because his staff sucks and no one has the balls to force him to read any of How Trump Can Win pieces.

Donald Trump: I Quit!

UPDATE 10: NYT says Hillary Clinton has an 88% chance of winning as of today (25 Aug). I agree with this based on Donald Trump taking a deliberate dive. Have conceptualized a new fund-raising coin for Gary Johnson — both sides have Trump's head, one side says LOSER and the other side says QUITTER.

Hillary Clinton has an 88% chance of winning the presidency.

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