Sepp Hasslberger: 100 Studies Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer — Is the US Government Criminalizing Cannabis to Protect Criminal Profits?

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Sepp Hasslberger
Sepp Hasslberger

So marijuana has been shown without doubt to cure a number of cancers … and we're still using chemotherapy? Scandalous!

There Are Now 100 Scientific Studies That Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis is a Schedule I drug in the United States. That means the government has designated the plant as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. No accepted medical use? There are scores of studies that say differently. Rick Simpson is a medical marijuana activist, and he has been on a crusade of healing. He considers Cannabis to be the most medicinally active plant that humans can use on this planet. Marijuana has been shown in some cases to effectively treat numerous types of cancer, improve immunity, and fight anxiety and pain.

Linked List of Studies Challenging US Government Lies


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